Over the weekend, Bobby Valentine banned beer from the Boston Red Sox clubhouse. And when asked if the Rays would follow suit, Joe Maddon wanted everybody to know that the Rays don’t need policing (from Marc Topkin of TampaBay.com)…

“We’re not the Boston Red Sox…I’ve said it a hundred times…For me at the end of the day, I’d much prefer our players making good decisions, and if you’re of legal age, and the game is over, and you’ve sweated and lost a bunch of pounds and you want to sit down and have a beer, I see nothing wrong with that.”

And needless to say, some Sox fans are not happy with Maddon’s comments.

The move by the new Red Sox manager comes after reports that starting pitchers were drinking during games last season. Many looked at the story as evidence of the lack of discipline or caring that led to the Red Sox’ late-season collapse.



  1. JR says:


  2. Raysfan137 says:

    That is hilarious. Not that they would get it, but I would love to post a comment on Masshole sports, akin to: "How ironic that you air your sour grapes by whining about wine."

  3. Don says:

    Maddon comes out swinging for Beer in the clubhouse, thats Fine...If the players couldn't drink beer they would all have to drink Maddons wine like Sorrento did...Joe doesn't want that..
    let Hickey drive them home... He's experienced...

  4. Dave says:

    If Maddon had said "We are the Red Sox," presumably Massholes would not have been upset? For the record, Sox fans, I don't think it was the beer that caused your epic demise last season. I think it was because you suck.

  5. Raysfan137 says:

    Might as well ban alcohol from the Red Sox clubhouse. No need for champagne there!!!

  6. Dre says:

    i guess i would understand red sox fans being mad if Maddon came out and said that their team was irresponsible with their alcohol, or some sort of accusation like that. but i'm really not understanding why it's "ballsy" for him to say that we aren't the red sox. its a fact - we aren't the red sox. and i'm sure they are just as happy about that fact as we are. and how is it ballsy since he has a wine rack in his office? he's saying he won't ban alcohol, so hes not contradicting himself or anything. that whole masshole reaction makes no sense to me

  7. Wasn't it Carl Crawford who said that the TB Rays were in "Party Time" mode during the season?

    He said that the Red Sox were more business like in their demeanor. I think anytime we can get in a dig at the Bosox and their fans, it's a win, win for us.

  8. beazy says:

    "the Rays way.."


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