The good news is Luke Scott says he is “ahead of schedule” in his recovery from shoulder surgery. The bad news is he is still not yet at the point where he can work on his swing the way he would like to.

“I need to build a little more strength and get my shoulder in shape where I can take the volume of swings that I’m used to taking without fatigue,” said Scott. “That’s the challenge is getting back to where I was.”

Is this a concern? Is Scott the type of player that can just go out and hit a baseball? Or is he somebody that needs a ton of swings in Spring Training to feel comfortable. After his batting practice session this weekend, Scott said he felt “a little off” (via

On top of that, the mystery is enough that Joe Maddon said the team has yet to even commit to a schedule for Scott this spring.

We’ll have to wait and see how this impacts Scott in April and May, but it certainly sounds like he may struggle with his swing early in the year. And that’s assuming he is not on the DL.




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