We knew Joe Maddon was going to get an extension before the season started, and we already knew it would be for three years. And now, according to Marc Topkin of TampaBay.com, it’s official. The only thing we didn’t know is how much Maddon will make. And it will probably be a while before that info is leaked. Our guess is still three-years, $9 million.

[UPDATE] We laid the challenge and Topkin delivered. Maddon’s deal is for $6 million over three years. That’s a steal considering Ozzie Guillen is getting $4 million per year, Mike Scioscia gets $5 million per season, and Joe Girardi is at $3 million annually. Then again, those guys have all won a World Series, and Maddon’s salary is still up over 250% since he was making $550,000 when he was first hired by the Rays.



  1. Hal says:

    What a deal! 2 million a year - that just says that Joe really wants to stay here. He could have easily worked more out of several teams with openings next year - the Dodgers sticking out like a sore thumb. Good for Joe, good for us.

  2. Don says:

    Maddon got exactly what I said he would...about 1/2 of what the top managers get, and "avg. pay" for a big league manager,
    but a good raise for a guy not used to making that much,
    also...Figure he makes 1/2 of what Luke Scott (who?)does!


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