Wade Boggs likes to drink beer. He likes to drink a LOT of beer.

[Seriously, if you have never read the story about Boggs and drinking 70 beers, go read it right now, we’ll wait]

Anyway, Boggs recently had a drink or 30 in a Key Largo bar and decided to get in touch with his inner-Garth. Brooks, that is. Yes folks, this is the only Rays player to ever have his number retired.

Here is the video (via Busted Coverage)…

[WARNING: Video is NSFE, Not Safe For Ears]



  1. Don says:

    Knew I liked that guy..candidate for Budwiser American Idol..
    Boggs...30 beers at a Rays game would cost you $270.00...
    Better go to the Whitney Bank Club

  2. Mike says:

    I still laugh every time I read that story. I don't believe he drank 70 beers in one day, but even if it was 'only' 2 cases that is still the stuff of legends. I will down a few Boggs watching football this weekend in honor of the former Plant High quarterback and Devil Ray great, a true American hero. I think I will skip the karaoke though.

    BTW- Don, lets just hope the Rays don't follow the Lightning on raising the beer prices this year. Beers at the Ice Palace are 50 cents an ounce this year ($12 for a 24oz can).

  3. Don says:

    Don't give Stuie any ideas, $9.00 is my limit...more than that one of two things happen..I quit drinking or I quit going to games, your choice Stuie, I know mine..at home they are less than $1.00


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