Evan Longoria’s latest commercial (video is below) is reminiscent of Fred McGriff’s “Tom Emansky” commercial.

Longoria is endorsing a product called the “Hitting Jack-It,” which appears to be a hitting doughnut that can be used during batting practice. Interestingly, this comes after recent research shows that batting doughnuts might actually reduce bat speed.

But what is more interesting is the Longo home run highlight shown. The commercial begins with Longoria’s playoff-clinching home run and the call by Dewayne Staats. Only the call doesn’t match up.

When Staats called the home run (this is paraphrasing), he said “a line drive down the left field line. fair ball. it’s gone!” At that point, he then said “the Rays win it!” (you can hear the original call here). Instead, the commercial has Staats saying “a line drive home run by Evan Longoria.” This was actually said by Staats as Longoria was rounding the bases.

Anyway, it is a minor detail, and obviously they wanted a call with Longoria’s name included. But it is also the greatest moment in the history of the Rays. It would be nice if they hadn’t altered it. Just sayin’.

Here is the commercial (thanks Thad)…



  1. Michael says:

    That is the most elaborate "As Seen on TV" commercial

  2. SeanDubbs says:

    All he needed to say was "THIS is the instructional video that gets results" while pointing at the camera and I would have been sold.

  3. Deadeye says:

    I think you missed the point about the batting sleeve system. This one seems be be a training tool such as lifting weights. It makes you stronger so you have faster bat speed. I agree with the article in that I would not use a bat weight just before my turn at bat.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      That might be true. But it still sounds like you are developing the slow-twitch muscles when it is the fast-twitch muscles that will give better bat speed. I'm not certain on that point.

  4. Andy says:

    Two primary thoughts:

    1) Longo is featured in a real game clip, while Pedroia is NOT :-D, and

    2) I always considered Staats call to be rather unbefitting the moment. It doesn't seem to possess the climactic feel that the homer of the year/franchise & possibly 1 of the all-time great ones warrants :(( As you mention, the YES call is a good one & actually sounds better than Staats, ashamedly. Freed's call is by far the BEST; it captured the ecstasy of the moment much better than Staats or anyone else. So, I'm not surprised the clip in the commercial was altered.

    Btw, that's quite an interesting name for the product. Tho it's not what I usually think of when hearing term 'jack it' ;-D


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