We don’t normally venture too deep into the business of the Tampa Bay Lightning. But this involves a Boston fan being an idiot, and that is something we can all enjoy. ThunderBug, the Bolts mascot went after a Bruins fan with some silly string. And that’s when the Bruins fan lost his goddamned mind.

The entire scene reminds us of THIS INCIDENT at the Trop back in 2010.

Here is the video.

And if you were watching the game on TV, you may have seen this strange sign after Steven Stamkos scored the game-clinching goal. That conflicted soul is actually my sister. She is a huge Bolts fans, and also a huge Red Sox fan. She was born in Boston, so she has an excuse. And even though she loves the Bolts and Bucs, I still feel as though I have failed as a brother.



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