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According to Marc Topkin, there will be four spring training games aired by Sun Sports.

  • Mar. 15 (vs Phillies)
  • Mar. 18 (vs Red Sox)
  • Mar. 25 (vs Marlins)
  • Mar. 31 (vs Red Sox)

We have argued this before, but why are so few spring games aired? The obvious answer is that the ratings don’t justify the production cost.

But on games without the full crew, would it kill to send one person to each game with a nice webcam and just point it at the field from the pressbox? Geez. We want the games. Give them to us!


  • The Orioles are in the mix for our old pal Edwin Jackson but are considered a long-shot. Also, it doesn’t sound like Johnny Damon will end up in Baltimore. [MLBTR]
  • BRaysball Talk takes a look at the Rays attendance woes and calls on fans to get to the park. [BRaysball Talk]
  • Jose Bautista’s random drug tests don’t appear to be very random at all. But the only way that can happen is if Major League Baseball has reasonable cause. Hmmmm. [BI Sports]
  • Mark Dominic discusses the process behind the Bucs hiring a new coach. [Joe Bucs Fan]




  1. Sarah says:

    On Bautista, couldn't their probable cause just be "how the heck did this guy suddenly start hitting so many home runs?"

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Certainly. But when writers and fans do that they get blasted. But in reality, if that is what MLB is doing, why can't the fans/writers?

      • Sarah says:

        Actually, the fact that they are testing him so often makes me less inclined, as a fan, to question his new found success. Don't you think that if he were juicing they would have caught him on one of those multiple tests?

        • J 2.0 says:

          Umm guys ...... he's cheating! If you aren't cheating, you aren't trying. Right? Nobody goes from hitting 10-15 hr's a year to 50 hr's a year when they're 30 + years old. Sorry not buying it. He's just on something they can't test for or as we all know it seems to take 8 months or so for us to find out who was cheating.

        • Cork Gaines says:

          Well, there are certainly people out there that know more about this than I do. But from what I understand, in some cases, excess testosterone can be cleared from the system in a matter of hours. So at that point, the only way that it becomes realistically possible to get caught is to be tested a LOT or just be very unlucky.

          And then there is the idea that the cheaters are always a step-ahead of the cops. So the only people getting caught may just be people that aren't on the newest stuff.

          Anyway, that doesn't mean Bautista is cheating. I don't know if he is. But there are reasons to raise your eyebrow. And if writers or fans want to speculate, it seems fair to me. It is not their fault. Be mad at all the guys that did cheat. They are the reason people speculate.

  2. Don says:

    You ever see Baustista swing a baseball bat, he would make Pena look like he is in slow motion....
    Edwin Jackson pitching against the Rays...whats the over/under on a no-hitter
    Ever notice Guys that write articles on Attendance (Braysbaseball) they rehash all the old figures, show pictures and express opinions that the Fans "NEED" to go to more games, we "NEED" the attendance to pay Longo/Price...
    but they NEVER offer solutions to the problem...I guess thats the reason there writers not doers...

  3. Alex says:

    They may have probable cause on Bautista but honestly with the way he commands the strike zone now and his changed mechanics I don't really think he's cheating. He may very well be a cheater and we just don't know it (Ryan Braun), but he has gone through his prime years the past two years. So it is justifiable both ways as far as testing goes.


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