Yesterday we discussed why we should be worried about the future of the Rays after the meeting between Stuart Sternberg and Mayor Bill Foster. Now we have a reason to be worried about Mayor Foster’s sanity.

In an exclusive interview with, Mayor Foster now thinks the Rays will stay in the Trop through the end of the contract in 2027…

Foster said he came out of the sometimes tense meeting confident that Sternberg and the Rays organization are prepared to honor their current contract through 2027…”They’re committed to this region, to the city of St. Petersburg and there was no indication that they had intentions of violating the terms of our use agreement at all.”

That will never happen, so let’s move on.

Foster also said that the city was prepared to fight Major League Baseball with legal action if they try to force a move.

But maybe the most telling thing we learn from is that Mayor Foster left the meeting feeling Sternberg’s concerns are more regional…

Foster felt Sternberg was concerned with whether the Rays were viable in the collective Tampa Bay region that is currently supporting three major professional sports teams

This is something that we have previously discussed around here. We don’t know the answer, but there are reasons to be concerned that the Tampa-St. Pete area is only a 1- or 2-team region. And if that is the case, we need to keep in mind that the Bucs and Lightning already have chairs in Tampa.

So, if the music stops, it will be the Rays that are left without a seat.



  1. Zach says:

    There's been talk that the Bucs could be moved at some point in the future.

  2. MJ says:

    perhaps this is stu putting into Foster's mind that if the Rays cant get out of the Trop, there is a risk that they will leave the region entirely, and the blood will be on Foster's hands.

  3. Dave says:

    It always makes me feel uncomfortable to see the incredibly incompetent mishandle important things. You know, how you can see crash before it happens, yet have no power to stop it?

    P.S. Bill, when you say the Rays will stay at the Trop through the entire lease, you should wait more than just a few minutes before you contradict yourself and point out that the area can't support 3 teams long term. Unless, of course, you know of secret plans the Bucs or Bolts have to more.

    P.P.S. Bill, stop listening to the voices in your head. They are wrong.

  4. CRRaysHead90 says:

    I know that feeling exactly, Dave, and in this case, it's two locomotives heading for a head on collision.


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