Back in 2008, the Rays fired Kelly Frank, the woman inside the Raymond costume at The Trop for the previous five seasons. And now, four years later, it looks like she has been fired again, this time as the Tampa Bay Lightning mascot “Thunderbug.”

Late last week we showed you video of Raymond being assaulted by a Bruins fan. That video went viral. And well, it turns out the team was not happy with what happened, and the lady inside the Thunderbug costume has been fired.

According to, the fan was allowed to return to his seat. After the game, the team said the incident with the fan “played a part in the team’s decision [to fire Thunderbug], but it wasn’t the only factor.”

And it turns out (thanks to some sleuthing by @reverendmalibu) the lady fired by the Lightning was likely the same lady fired by the Rays. Frank is the president and owner of Amazing!! Mascots. And according to her LinkedIn page, she was Thunderbug from September, 2009 through January, 2012.

The good news for Frank, is that she has yet to be fired by the Bucs. And based on the Bucs love of retreads and talent with questionable pasts, it would seem like a perfect fit.



  1. Michael says:

    I feel bad for her.

    It's not like the mascot career path has a lot of branches

  2. Rick says:

    Chowdaheads win again (unfortunately).

  3. Sublime says:

    She was the best Raymond! She could dance her ass off! That's the main reason my wife would go to the games just to see Raymond dance and clown!

  4. Martha says:

    Why did the Rays fire her?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      I've heard a couple of different stories. Not sure which one is true. In fact, maybe none are true. But one rumor is that she performed as Raymond at a party that wasn't authorized by the Rays. In other words, she might have been making some side-money without approval. Another story has her getting drunk and going on a wild golf cart ride around the Trop during '08 playoffs. Maybe neither happened. Maybe both happened and one got her a warning.

      And just so we're clear, these are just the stories that some have told. No idea if there is any truth to them. But no official word was ever given by the Rays.


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