Matt Moore is the top prospect in baseball according to And overall, the Rays are well-represented on the first top prospects list of the year, with six players total.

Joining Moore on the list are Hak-Ju Lee (46), Chris Archer (74), Tim Beckham (92), Mike Mahtook (96) Taylor Guerrieri (99). Lee and Archer came over to the Rays organization via the Matt Garza deal. Tim Beckham was the number one overall pick of the 2008 draft. And Mahtook and Guerrieri were drafted by the Rays this past season.

While it is nice to see six players on the list, it also shows that with the promotions of Jeremy Hellickson (#2 in 2011) and Desmond Jennings (#11 in 2011), Moore is now the only big-time prospect in the system. Last year, the Rays had four players in the top 50. In addition to Hellboy and Jennings, Moore was #27, and Archer was #47.



  1. Amanda says:

    Cork, when does someone technically stop being a prospect? Is it age? Number of appearances or length of time in the Bigs? Do different sources have different descriptions of prospects?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      I assume most are using rookie status. as long as a player would still be considered a rookie in the big leagues they are eligible for a prospects list. And to be considered a rookie, that means you have to have less than 130 at bats or 50 innings.

  2. J 2.0 says:

    I am very happy with the way this offseason has gone for the rays, but I just read a report that Brad Lidge signed with Washington for $1 mil. Is this true? And, if so, why didn't the Rays take a stab at him instead of Rodney?

  3. How is he a "prospect" since he has signed a long term contract with the Rays major league club?


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