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Scott Boras called a report that Prince Fielder would accept a three-year deal “inaccurate and delusional.”

“Not only is that inaccurate and delusional, but it seems that some people have gotten into their New Year’s Eve stash just a little bit early this year…It appears some baseball people are just bored…That’s when you hear ideas like that floated.”

This is in response to a report in which “several GMs” told Peter Gammons that they thought Fielder would be willing to accept a three-year deal with an average annual value greater than Albert Pujols’ new deal ($25M/yr).

While Boras poo-poos the report. It is not clear yet where Fielder is going to get the $200 million contract he is reportedly seeking.


  • Buster Olney calls the Rays rotation the second best in the baseball. [ESPN]
  • The Rays final game of the regular season was called one of the “Best Games/Events of 2011” by Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit (off of David Price) also makes the list. []
  • Ben Zobrist’s big double-header in April (7-10, 3 2B, 2 HR, 10 RBI) was picked as the “Performance of the Year” by David Schoenfield of [ESPN]
  • Sam Fuld receives honorable mention by Mark Simon of, for “Defensive Performance of the Year.” [ESPN]
  • The Bucs are in danger of setting a team record. The bad kind. Which is amazing if you consider this team has had some bad years. [Joe Bucs Fan]






  1. Joe says:

    We really need to make a move....

    Oh and for the Bucs, this season has been brutal but it can get a lot more fun if we lose yet again and the Browns and Jags win. Jags are playing the Colts who you would have to assume will not be playing, well "too hard" considering Andrew Luck is there's with a loss. Browns play the Steelers so who knows there. Anyway, #4 pick would at least be sweet after this disaster of a season. Take a stud RB, I am just not a Blount fan.

    And Rays, we're talking about Fielder now, we have lost our minds waiting for a move, come on Friedman! January is usually his month so we'll see what he's going to do.

  2. RedBull says:

    The Red Sox just acquired Andrew Bailey by giving up Josh Reddick. So, if he was part of Raysmas, then cross him off. He's mostly a flyball pitcher though, and doesn't get a ton of K' this could work against the Sox. Not to mention, they gave up a great young hitter in the process. I still like our team better!

  3. Ken says:

    Which team was mentioned as having the best starting rotation in baseball if the Rays were #2 according to Buster Olney? I don't get the ESPN Insider.

    • Joe says:

      Robert Stansbury Olney and Jim "I Can't Skim a Contract" Bowden, yes, both PAID ESPN "Insiders"..... I love their stuff, don't you?!

  4. Joe says:

    Phillies were #1

    And we could of beaten this Red Sox offer easily. Wake up, Friedman, you are allowed to make moves before January.

  5. MarkE says:

    Would HAVE TO be the Phillies

  6. Joe says:

    On the 4th day of Raysmus the Rays gave to me 4 15 game winners.

    That's my guess.

  7. RedBull says:

    I'm not sure how we could've beaten the Red Sox offer. The A's were very open that they wanted at least one young stud outfielder for Bailey. We didn't have that to offer up. Besides, Bailey isn't exactly used to a high workload. I believe he's only averaged around 40-45 innings in his young career. Don't get me wrong, I know he's good, but how good will he be now that he's not pitching in Oakland, where flyballs go to die. Only a 37% groundball rate isn't exactly great when you're pitching in Boston, New York, Baltimore, Toronto, and the Trop! I like the fact that we don't have to figure out Reddick anymore...he is a very good young hitter.

    • Joe says:

      I am not sure Reddick qualifies as a young stud outfielder? He will get his AB's in Oakland, but on a team like the Rays or especially Boston, he's a platooner at best. Kalish to me is the better player. Boston had a player to give. Now, I give you Reddick has 10-20 HR power, but that is going to be it.

  8. RedBull says:

    After studying the deal more, it appears the A's either were just wanting to give Bailey away, or they know something about Bailey that they aren't letting on. While I think Reddick is a up and coming professional hitter, I didn't think he was good enough to get Bailey by himself, let alone to also get Sweeney as well! The 2 prospects that the A's got are extremely low level prospects! This seems strange that the Red Sox gave up so little...I hope Bailey ends up on the shelf by May!


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