Jerry Crasnick of is reporting that Kelly Shoppach has agreed to a 1-year deal with the Red Sox, thus ensuring that the fans sitting behind the third base dugout at the Trop will not be safe in 2012 after all.



  1. Gus says:

    Valentine. Shoppach. The stupid train is rolling in Boston.

    Awesome news.

    Cork: where did he finish on the swing and miss stat you rlled out mid-season? At one point he was in historic territory on his swings and misses, the league leader by a large margin.

  2. BurGi says:

    Very good move by Boston as Saltalamacchia is much better against righties and Shoppach is at least serviceable against lefties. Both shouldn't see lots of pitchers from the other hand. I think the Sox catchers in '12 could add up to a .750-.770 OPS which is good for catchers.

  3. Don says:

    You mean we have to face that torrid .100 BA...Hope he plays all 18 games against the Rays bet he doesnt get 5 hits....
    That is unless a boston hitting coach could get him to cut down his swing to hit for contact...doubtful unless old dogs can lean new tricks...I don't see it...and we can run on his big slow moving fatass....

    • Dave L says:

      newsflash! they didnt hire him for his bat. truth is he turned out to be a plus defensive catcher last year. the sox can afford the luxury of a dead bat at the catching position when thier wood is blazing as it often is.

      when we play them he will be there to stop our running game. since the sox know he is a sub mendoza hitter they wont expect any more than that. I bet he jacks his average up to .201! and the Sox will be happy with him.


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