Baseball America has released their annual list of the top 10 prospects in the Rays’ organization. And while the top player is no surprise, there are a few names in places we did not expect…

  1. Matt Moore, LHP
  2. Hak-Ju Lee, SS
  3. Chris Archer, RHP
  4. Taylor Guerrieri, RHP
  5. Alex Colome, RHP
  6. Alex Torres, LHP
  7. Tim Beckham, SS
  8. Enny Romero, LHP
  9. Drew Vettleson, OF
  10. Mikie Mahtook, OF

A few notes on the list…

  • With Jeremy Hellickson no longer eligible, Matt Moore jumps from #2 to #1.
  • Also coming off the list due to no longer being eligible are Desmond Jennings (#3 last year), Jake McGee (#4),
  • Josh Sale (#5 last year), Justin O’Connor (#8), and Jake Thompson (#10) all fell out of the top ten after a rough 2011 season.
  • Six players are new to the list this year, including Hak-Ju Lee (#2) and Chris Archer (#3) after coming over to the Rays in the Matt Garza deal. Taylor Guerrieri and Mikie Mahtook also debut on the list and are the only 2011 draft picks on the list. Enny Romero is the other newcomer.
  • Tim Beckham jumped back into the top ten after falling out last year.
  • Biggest Surprises (#1): It is a bit surprising to see Chris Archer so high. He struggled with his control in 2011 at double-A, walking 80 in 134.1 innings. And his strikeouts per 9 innings fell to the lowest level of his career.
  • Biggest Surprises (#2): We are not completely sold on Alex Torres. He reminds a little too much of Victor Zambrano. But at the same time, Torres would probably be in the big league rotation for 10-12 teams, so it is a bit of a surprise to see him behind Chris Archer, Taylor Guerrieri, and Alex Colome.


  1. Joe says:

    I love, love, really love Mahtook and want him higher. I think he's an awesome hitter and will quickly rise to the majors.

    Guyer should be on this list and Archer sounds EXACTLY like Jackson. His scouting report basically says "Has a good fastball but gets in trouble when he falls in love with his slider" That is Edwin.

  2. RedBull says:

    Nice to see Beckham jump back into the picture after a very solid season. I'm with Joe about Mahtook...he's gonna be a stud! I was also a little shocked to see Archer so high. I figured he'd be around 5-7, but those guys see him more than I do, so maybe there's more there than meets the stats. This list just tells me how deep we are, because we don't even see Nick Barnese, Derek Dietrich and other very good prospects on the list. We still need a power hitting first base prospect at some point, but the pitching is absolutely phenomenal in our organization!

  3. Joe says:

    OT: White Sox gave John Danks 5/65. Think we can work around that deal for Price? Maybe 5/55 instead with team options.

  4. RedBull says:

    I can only hope they lock him up. However, I can also see the Rays trading him for a huge haul next offseason. This is a big year for him. I think if he does similar to last year, the Rays trade him. If he goes out and puts up another sub-3.00 ERA with 20 wins, I can see the Rays locking him up long term. I think Friedman, and many of us, are unsure of which David Price is the real one...2010 or 2011?

    • Tom says:

      I would bet on Price have a strong season in 2012. In 2011 he increased his strikeout and decrased his walks compared to 2010, that is usually a harbinger of good things to come.

  5. Joe says:

    Yeah but if Price pulls a 2010, how will we ever afford him?

    • Sarah says:

      Exactly -- waiting for Price to have a great 2012 before locking him up is exactly what the Rays can't do. You either sign him longterm now, or you look to trade him after a terrific 2012.

  6. RedBull says:

    The Rays will pay to keep pitching, I think. They value pitching and defense more than anything. So, if they think he'll be more valuable to them than trading him, then they'll keep him.
    In referencing Archer, is there any talk of moving him to the pen?

  7. Don says:

    If the Japanese guy can hit at all he could get a ML shortstop job this year!

  8. RedBull says:

    Lee won't be with the big club this year. I think Beckham has a shot though. Lee will be in Double-A, where he struggled last year, until he can prove himself. Beckham will start in Durham more than likely, and then if the Rays shortstops aren't cutting it, you'll see him called up to get a look. I still believe in Beckham, and think he'll be here for a while. Lee is there to push him though, and definitely has a good chance of becoming a stud!

  9. Andy says:

    No mention of Alex Cobb. Am I right in assuming he's in the group w/Jennings & McGee - no longer eligible?

    • pete says:

      You are correct sir.

    • Joe says:

      Yeah, he lost his prospect status by 2 innings last year. If not, I think he would have to be #2. I know everyone is high on Lee but Cobb looked like he belonged in the big leagues, Lee needs to prove he belongs in AA still.


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