If the Rays are going to trade BJ Upton, the most likely trade partner is the Washington Nationals. But Adam Kilgore of The Washington Post is now reporting that talks between the two sides may have stalled.

After engaging in occasional trade discussions involving B.J. Upton for about a year, the Nationals and Rays have seemingly reached a point where talks have stagnated. Barring a blow-them-away offer from the Nationals, the Rays appear content to begin the 2012 season with Upton in their outfield.

Kilgore also spoke with “one person familiar with the Rays” that said “there’s not a whole lot of motivation at this point to try and move him,” noting that the team won with Upton last year, “why not try it again?”

Now, be careful with that last quote. Read it quickly, and it sounds like insider knowledge. But generally, “person familiar with” is just code for “I emailed one of the Rays’ beat writers.”

Kilgore goes on to write that the market for center fielders is proving to be an expensive one. That is good news for those of you that are hoping the Rays move Upton, because it means the Nats may not find a cheaper alternative, and could come back to the player they appear to most covet.



  1. Nathan says:

    For all the talk about the faults of BJ, we should probably be thankful we have him, as strange as that sounds. I think as fans we have this idea that anyone should be able to hit .300 with 20 HR and 20SB. Those are the guys that make $15M/year. While BJ can be frustrating at times, he does a whole lot right, too. What i'm nervous about now is that talks with Cincinnati have cooled. Hope we don't scare away a deal there.

  2. Don says:

    I don't really care whether BJ is here or not, I would really miss him sitting there looking at 3rd strikes all summer... esp. with 2 men on and we're one run down....what no walk?
    and to think he is or will be our highest payed position player
    doesnt that bother the cheapest owners in sports?

  3. stevek says:

    GO BJ,

    I agree, Upton is the most frustrating athlete that I have ever seen. IF and WHEN he decides to PLAY HARD, this guy is unstoppable...

    Until then, fans will be left with asking, "what if".

    C'mon AF, give Upton an extenstion, or trade him to the Nats for Ramos and Desmond.

  4. ttnorm says:

    I don't think you guys are seeing the same player I did in the 2nd half. This guy ran out routine groundballs and played good defense and just plain showed up for work every day.

    Now I am not saying that I wouldn't move him for the right package with Jennings ready to step into his natural position. But the guy has matured a bunch and deserves more credit that he gets here.

  5. paul says:

    He almost never runs out ground balls. He did for about 2 days after Jennings was brought up and showed what it meant to hustle. After, he went back to his lazy ways. He should be strapped into a chair a be made to watch all of Pete Rose's 4200 hits back to back!

    • Sublime says:

      Are we talking about the same dude (BJ), who along with Longoria, carried the team the month of September (after Jennings had cooled off BTW).

  6. Dave L says:

    I have yet to see one of these trades that takes away BJ and leaves us with a better team.

    There is no sense arguing with the BJ detractors. They are all around me at the game. They hate when he makes good plays, they just shake thier heads and take another gulp of hateraide.

    I hope he's back next year UNLESS we get a trade that makes us a better team wth a better starting lineup. Longo BJ Zobrist and now hopefully jennings are the only 4 positions at which we are at the top 10 in the league.

    Any trade that includes any of them most likely will be at best a wash at best.

    Stop thinking he's should be Willie Mays. Stop thinking his running style is lazy and look at the overall results not your perception of how he SHOULD appear to play the game. Just pretend he's white if that helps also.

    ok I said it now I feel better


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