Yesterday afternoon, Wilson Ramos, a rookie catcher for the Washington Nationals was kidnapped near his home in Venezuela. And while the impact on the Rays is far from the most important thing associated with this case, it could have a huge impact on the Rays off-season plans.

The Nationals have long been considered the team most interested in trading for BJ Upton. And it is no secret that the Rays would love to acquire a big league catcher this off-season. So it is not a stretch to think that Ramos’ name has come up in negotiations between the two sides.

Ramos, 24, hit .267 with 15 home runs and a solid .332 wOBA* in 113 games this past season. As a comparison, John Jaso had a .288 wOBA in 89 games and Kelly Shoppach was .274 in 87 games.

And even if Ramos would not have been the catcher ultimately included in any deal (Derek Norris in double-A is another possibility), this kidnapping could impact the Nationals’ depth at the position and make them less willing to include a catcher at all.

First-and-foremost, let’s hope Ramos is returned safely to his family. But as Rays fans, we can’t ignore how this situation may impact the team.

* wOBA is like OPS but better. average is about .335, but .332 is good for a catcher, especially a young one.



  1. LoLJFH says:

    ABSOLUTELY lets hope Ramos is ok and will be found unharmed.
    But, there is still Mesoraco or Grandal in Cincy where they desparately need starting pitching - which we are rich with and their best prospect is almost 2 years away from being ready. (that sound in the background you hear is indeed me beating the proverbial dead horse on these 2 guys) Bring Kelly back for one more year to tutor one of these two and then turn the chosen one loose. I am not discounting Ramos as an option if all is well but under assumption a guy like that behind the plate is harder to replace than an underachieving center fielder. From an FO perspective I make that trade, but Nats would be foolish.

  2. Carey says:

    If I'm Selig, I call Chavez personally and say that if this kid doesn't show up safe, healthy and none the worse for wear by MONDAY, MLB will NEVER AGAIN allow any of its players (Major League or Minor League) play in their league EVER AGAIN.

    You're a f-ing dictator, the "Don" of Venezuela, GET IT DONE!!!!!

    And cut the nuts off these SOB's and hang them from a pole as an example to any other trash who has similar inclinations.

    • John S says:

      Unfortunately, he has won 13th elections... Usually when you are elected, you are not a dictator.. Just saying.. Hoping to educate

      • Sarah says:

        Right, because there could never be such a thing as a rigged election, or an election in which your opponents are too intimidated to run, or your opponents' supporters too scared to vote. Seriously,, John S., just about every dictator has figured out how to stage some kind of election.

  3. LoLJFH says:

    Let's see if Uncle Bud can swing a deal Ramos-for-Sandusky!

  4. Ben says:

    I believe league avg. wOBA was ~.321 this year, so he's actually above avg.


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