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Guess who has been charged with his beating his girlfriend and assaulting a police officer? Willy Aybar (of course).

This is at least the third time Aybar has been charged in a domestic abuse situation, one of which left his wife in intensive care.

According to the GM of Aybar’s Dominican team, Aybar has been working with Psychologists and that the team had done “everything that could be done,” but that Aybar left the program a few days before this incident, “and look what happened.”


  • Dan Johnson refused an assignment to triple-A (the Rays wanted him off of the 40-man roster) and is now a free agent.
  • Phil Rogers makes a case for the Chicago Cubs aggressively pursuing Joe Maddon, noting that Sternberg could give his blessing knowing that Dave Martinez is waiting in the wings. [Chicago Tribune]
  • What happened to the Bucs working on the “little things” during their time back from London? If anything, the Bucs looked like they regressed in that department. Ugly game. Joe Bucs Fan has all the info that you need. [Joe Bucs Fan]




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