“Of the cities in this country that host professional sports teams, none is more broke than Tampa, Florida. And this could go a long way towards explaining attendance woes for Tampa Bay sports teams.” [BUSINESS INSIDER]




  1. Sarah says:

    Well phew, I thought we were just lousy fans. I feel much better knowing we're just deadbeats!

    • Cork Gaines says:

      that's why we need to be careful beating the "it's the economy!" drum. Unless somebody can guarantee that the economy is going to get better soon, then the economy is good reason to move the team. go someplace where things arent so bad.

      • Sarah says:

        Yeah, but the problem for MLB is that a lot of the once growing markets are in the same situation we're in. Las Vegas? just as far underwater. Charlotte? Maybe, but as their banks struggle, what happens to that corporate base they'd be counting on?

        The only place that's prospering right now is North Dakota. Fargo Rays?

        May be that their best bet is to stay put and hope the region fares well as the economy recovers.


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