James Shields is going to be a popular name in trade rumors this winter. But according to Danny Knobler of CBSSports.com, the Rays don’t seem like they are in a hurry to move their best pitcher.

Rays seem dead-set against trading Shields. They might listen on Hellickson before they listen on Shields (very unlikely they trade either)

Yesterday we looked at the projected payroll for the 2012 Rays. At this point, if no players are moved, payroll will go up more than 25 percent. But with Stuart Sternberg’s recent comments on attendance, it would see that the Rays are unlikely to add to much to the payroll. And if the Rays want the payroll to remain at 2011 levels, the easiest way to achieve that would be to trade Shields and BJ Upton.

But as we have been saying for a while, if the Rays want the best possible team on the field in 2012, keeping Shields is a must. Plain and simple, the Rays are a better team with Shields, than they are without Shields.

And it is telling that the Rays consider Jeremy Hellickson more expendable than Shields. Hellickson is still very cheap with a whole lotta talent. And this suggests that Shields is much more valuable to the team despite his $8.0 million salary in 2012.



  1. werD says:

    theyve said the same thing about every player theyve traded since SS bot the team.

    what does that writer expect friedman to say? "Yes, shields is on the market. we HATE getting the better end of trades, so we'll go ahead and let the other 29 teams know that we want to trade James Shields."???

  2. John S says:

    I would prefer trading Price and getting more in return. $7 million dollars for next year I would take Shields over Price. Shields is a pitcher and Price is a thrower.

    In addition, have Matt Moore replace Price. Arguably he is better than Price right now. Moore has Price's fastball, yet is more of a pitcher.

    And can you imagine the return that we get for Price! Literally 3 Blue chip players and we could fill in Catcher, First Base and SS with premium players for player.

    • Beth says:

      I'm excited by Moore, too, but we need to stop projecting his few amazing appearances over the course of a full season. Yes, he's a great prospect, but we really don't know if he can replace Price. Price had a poor September/October, Moore had an exceptional September/October, but this is a small sample size.

      • Steve says:

        I would usually agree with a statement like yours but I think you are selling Moore a little low. This is a guy with a ++ FB, Change and breaking ball where the heat is an easy 95+ and can touch 100. Moore has dominated at every level of the minors and he forced the Rays hand by getting promoted to AAA midseason which the Rays NEVER do with their pitchers. I have been saying that the Rays should trade Price instead of Shields since September when it looked like the Rays were out of it. I know Price is young and inexperienced but I a scared of the regression he showed this year. He is way too inconsistent and I would much rather have Shields going forward. And teams will be willing to give up much more to get Price. So since it looks like the cheap years on Price are over and his and Shields salary are going to be very similar in 2012 I say trade Price and move up Moore who I believe will be a much better pitcher.

  3. Robert says:

    Come on now John, Price had a legitimate shot at the Cy Young in 2010 but ended up with too many innings and was obviously burnt out in the playoffs. Pretty obvious he never recovered in 2011. Here's to hoping he wins a Cy Young or two before he hits 20 mil in arbitration and is out of here.

  4. slacker775 says:

    Lets not forget that after 2010, everyone wanted Shields traded and then he had a major bounceback in 2011. Price wasn't tremendous in 2011, but he may be in for a bounceback in 2012.

    We shouldn't put too much hope on Moore just yet. Don't forget Price in '09 after his stellar '08 debut.

    • Cory says:

      The two don't compare that way. Moore is much more polished than Price was when they both came up. Moore might have better control than Price RIGHT now, to go along with some scouts have called 3 plus-plus pitches. The only thing Price might have on Moore is his fastball and they might be even on the change-up; but Moore's slurvy curveball is definitely better than any curve/slider that Price has.

  5. Steve says:

    Is there any way the Cards trade Alan Craig? He is blocked by Holiday who isn't going anywhere soon. And unless Pujols leaves via FA (which everyone is saying isn't happenning) there isn't a spot for him to start regularly in STL. Now if they are content spot starting him or having him as insurance for Berkman in RF for a year or two than they probably won't trade him BUT if they want the best team for next year could he be a starting point to pry Hellickson, Shields or Price from the Rays? Craig is the RH power hitter this lineup desperately needs.

  6. Kenny Powers says:

    If you think Price has a better fastball than Moore, you didn't watch the games. Moore is consistently 2-3 mph above Price. Significant when you are stepping up from 92-94 to 94-96.


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