If you ask ten people why the Rays struggle with attendance, you will get 20 different answers. And there is a good chance they will all be right. And one of those reasons was the Rays decision to move weeknight games to 6:40pm.

However, that experiment is now history. According to the Rays, they have now moved start times back to 7:10 pm. This will impact all Monday through Friday games, except for 12 afternoon games.

The Rays originally moved the start time for their games in response to fan polling that showed fans wanted to get home earlier on school nights. But apparently the Rays forgot to ask if those fans would still go to the games if they started earlier.



  1. Ken says:

    Thank goodness.

  2. Jeff says:

    It should actually be 7:30 so someone from Riverview or Wesley Chapel (where I live) could get there. OK, forget that, who would want to drive an hour both ways after driving to and from work. Bring this team to a central location!

  3. Jeff says:

    P.S. I take my family to 8-10 Lightning games a year but only 2-3 Rays games and it is 100% location. I have no allegiance to Tampa or St. Pete and I am not afraid of bridges. Most of my neighbors would say something similar. Rays miss a huge, huge market (Wesley Chapel is ALL young families) due to location of stadium. Nothing against St. Pete its a beautiful city but I can drive to Ocala in the same amount of time if traffic is bad thru TPA.

  4. GeneralAntilles says:

    Well, as someone living in St. Petersburg and going to 10-15 games a year, I know I wont be attending any if the stadium is in Tampa.

    • Beth says:

      Why? Just general peevishness, or you don't know how to get there?

      I'm baffled by logic like yours.

      OK, employing the same logic: I live in New Tampa and I also go to 10-12 games a year, but no longer -- until the stadium is built within a 10 minute drive of my house I'm not going.

    • John says:

      Why? It would be so much easier for someone coming from St. Pete to get to downtown Tampa. I'm from Polk County, and it sometimes takes up to two hours to get to St. Pete for a game. Yet I manage to do it around 5 times a year.

      If the stadium was in Tampa, I'd make it in about half that time and go to many more games. It's a perfect halfway point between Polk County and St. Pete, and easier for the majority of the population in the area. St. Pete fans may have to drive 30 minutes more than the 10 minutes they're used to, but that's why they call it compromise.


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