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Not sure if we had mentioned this previously, but David Price does indeed qualify as a Super-2 for arbitration purposes. If you are not sure what that means, the important point is that it allows Price to opt-out of the final year of the contract he signed when he was first drafted in 2007.

Price would have made $1.5 million next season, but instead he will file for arbitration. If the Rays and Price cannot come to an agreement on a new contract, an arbitrator will decide Price’s 2012 salary at a future date.


  • We did not hear the interview so we are not sure if Frank Cusamano, a member of the local media in St. Louis, has good sources or if he is just guessing. But he apparently told Dave Weekley that Joe Maddon is on the Cardinals’ “short list” of candidates. [@weekley]
  • Roger Mooney explores the idea of Joe Maddon leaving to take the same position with the Cardinals. [Rays Report]
  • The Tampa and St. Pete chambers of commerce are exploring the idea of a regional sports authority that would oversee any future baseball stadiums. The catch is, this would be asking people in one county to pay for a baseball park in another county. []
  • David Price was back in Murfreesboro to participate in several charity events hosted by his charitable wing, the “Project 14 Foundation.” []
  • BJ Upton is “The Dismal Swamp Thing,” which appears to be a children’s tale starring BJ and his brother Justin Upton. []




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