Yesterday we heard that the Astros had contacted the Rays about interviewing Andrew Friedman. And now, Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle is reporting that the Rays have granted permission to the Astros.

Justice calls Friedman, the Astros “No. 1 choice” to replace recently fired Ed Wade.

We speculated that Friedman would at least meet with the team to discuss their general manager position. But keep in mind, it might take more to lure Friedman away from Stuart Sternberg and Company than just throwing a lot of money at him. Friedman actually has a financial stake in the Rays.

So if the Astros are serious about signing Friedman, they may have to offer him a package similar to what Theo Epstein received with the Cubs. That is, the Astros could offer to make Friedman the team’s president. In addition to Wade, the Astros also fired team president Tal Smith.

Either way, we should know more sooner, rather than later.



  1. Charles says:

    As a guy who's both an Astros and Rays fan (I'm still trying to decide if I can really root for 2 AL teams once the Astros move - it feels wrong somehow), I am pretty torn on this. On the one hand, I think the Astros need him more purely from the standpoint of restocking a barren farm system. On the other hand, the Rays need him more since they have more limited resources to work with and need a guy who knows how to work the bargain bin.

    In the end, I think Friedman will stay with Stu as long as Stu is here.

  2. MJ says:

    I think loyalty might play a factor here. Stu gave Andrew quite an excellent opportunity as well as his 100% trust when Stu took majority ownership, from most accounts I've read. I think the Astros offer would have to be substantially great than what he has now for him to leave. At least that's what i am hoping.

  3. Steve says:

    As long as Hunsicker doesn't leave as well, I think the Rays will be just fine. I don't even think there's anything to this, Justice himself said that the Astros don't believe they can pull it off. I don't think Hunsicker gets enough credit. I think its the duo that has made the Rays successful in trades, signings and development.


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