We are neck-deep in the 2011 playoffs and the continuation of this miracle run by the Rays. If you want some other ways to discuss the team and the games, you have several options in addition to the comments section of this website…

  • TWITTER — You can follow us at @Raysindex on Twitter. In addition to acting as a real-time version of the mornings “Webtopia,” Twitter is also the place where you can find breaking news. We also provide commentary during most games as well as videos and pictures of the action.
  • FACEBOOK — Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook where you can share Rays news and stories with your friends.
  • GOOGLE+ The Professor is on Google+. We are still getting used to the new platform, but we envision The Prof’s facebook page as a place to keep the world informed of the Rays, as opposed to Facebook, where we just share things among our friends. We may also throw up some other interesting stuff there that is not Rays-related.
  • 620 WDAE MESSAGE BOARDS — The Rays message boards over at 620 WDAE are powered by our alter ego JoeRaysFan.com.


  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks for this -- I was just sitting here in my office, thinking that I didn't have enough ways to obsess about the Rays and might actually need to get some work done.

  2. Charles says:

    Our pal Michael Weber has also compiled a nice Twitter list of Rays fans that you can follow: http://twitter.com/#!/m_weber/twitter-rays-family

  3. D-Rome says:

    So I turn on WDAE only to hear Duemig second guess Maddon and pretty much criticize the guy. It's the same song and dance for the past three plus years. Thank you for letting me know other ways to discuss the Rays because I can't discuss the Rays with that guy. It's as if he wants him fired.


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