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The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

THE GOOD: Home sweet Dome. The Rays did what they had to do, they split in Texas. And looking forward, you have to feel good about the game 3 and 4 pitching matchups.

THE BAD: Kyle Farnsworth. Farnsville had what the Rays are calling a “a little bit of a setback” with his elbow. Joe Maddon does think Farnsworth is available for tonight’s game, but you have to imagine that if the game is on the line in the 9th inning, Maddon may look elsewhere.

THE TELLING: Tonight is the 12th consecutive playoff sellout for the Rays. Lee Roy Selmon’s children will throw out the first pitchDavid Price will start tonight and Jeremy Hellickson will go tomorrow in game 4…John Jaso will start tonight…Matt Moore could be used in relief tomorrow if needed…Game 4 will be at 2:07 and game 5 would be at 5:07 but could be moved to 8:07 if there is no Yankees game…Joe Maddon’s hair is not quite long enough for a ponytail. Yet. He did admit to the TV crew prior to Saturday’s game that he did cut about a half-inch off at one point this season…According to, the Rays have a 100 percent chance of making the playoffs…


  • Marc Topkin has some quotes from Joe Maddon from the postgame press conference. [The Heater]
  • Tonight is a big night in the Bay Area. []
  • Seems a little early for New York writers to be worried about the Yankees potentially facing the Rays in the ALCS. Can the Yankees get by the Tigers first? [ESPN]
  • Jim Caple says the Rays are still in good position despite their loss on Saturday. He does however throw in this zinger about game 3: “A sellout is even expected” as if that is a surprise. [ESPN]
  • The Tampa Bay Lightning showed their support for the Rays with a picture. []
  • It is hard to feel sorry for a guy that will make $142 million in seven years, but man, Carl Crawford must feel like a lost soul in Boston. The latest is news that the Red Sox are “determined to revive” Crawford and his career, as if they are worried he will suck forever if they don’t do anything. [Boston Herald]
  • Well, this is good news for the Bucs. [JoeBucsFan]





  1. Gus says:

    Memo to David: No darts, finish your pitches.

    Memo to Shop: Please mix his pitches. 98% fastballs probably not the right approach here.

    Long live Matt Joyce as an everyday RF.

    Go Rays.

    • Sarah says:

      Yes, except that memo needs to be re-delivered to Jaso.

      • CC says:

        Memo to Jaso: Give Price a target instead of putting your glove up at the last second. And when you catch the ball, hold your glove in the strike zone please.Don't stab at the pitch and let your glove continue out of the strike zone. Move your feet. Fundamentals please.

        • Gus says:

          Never thought I'd be hoping for Shoppach and assuming Shoppach. I thought Maddon had ditched the platoon through the end of the regular season (I know we saw Jaso late Saturday). Whoever it is, I agree that we need someone who can handle Price like a good golf caddy. Has to have a better plan than we've seen against the better teams from DP. He can do it. Has to say down in the zone, mix pitches more.

          A lead like they gave Matt Moore would be nice also. The key game tonight.

          • Sarah says:

            I agree! I suppose the idea is that Shoppach still really, really can't hit righties. But is Jaso's .220 enough to justify his subpar defense?

  2. Don says:

    PARTY DAY AT FERGS! The best party at ANY sporting event in the US
    happens today at Fergs Bar in ST PETERSBURG FLORIDA.....allday long
    There's nothing like being out in the street drinking beer on a Fall day at fergs before a Rays Game... Don't believe me ask the Boston Fans and PHilly Fans that were with us in 2008...we drank a Semi truck full of Bud... in two days
    KEY FOR TODAY: Watch Price's demeanor.the first time something goes wrong..error or Home Run..HE doesn't recover Well after something like that ala Scott Kazmir...If PRice holds together mentally the Rays have a chance aga the Power lineup....
    Lets go Party.. gotta wait till noon...damn..

  3. phil says:

    Give Farnsworth the night off ..Peralta closes with gomes, davis and McGee Setting up. tomorrow its the two young phenoms Hell Boy and MM!

  4. Pinto says:

    "According to, the Rays have a 100 percent chance of making the playoffs…"

    Excellent work, guys

  5. Lauren says:

    Was I the only one who was perplexed by the "Fear the stache" signs in Texas? Why would they steal the San Francisco Giants motto from last year...Did they forget who they lost to in the World Series?

    Anyways, good luck tonight David! Go Rays.


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