We have heard from a couple of people now that Andrew Friedman was seen recently having dinner in downtown Tampa with two people believed to be Angels owner Arte Moreno and Angels team preseident John Carpino. This would be significant because the Angels are looking for a new general manager after Tony Reagins was let go.

We spoke with a source close to the Angels. When Reagins was first let go, they got the sense that Friedman wouldn’t be interested in the Angels job. We were also told that Friedman is an east coast guy and is not likely to take a job on the west coast.

On the other hand, the source did mention that the Angels think “very highly” of Friedman’s partner-in-crime, Gerry Hunsicker. However, according to Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports, the Angels have six candidates set to interview, and Hunsicker is not among those names.

If Morena and Carpino did have dinner with Friedman, it may have just been a courtesy meeting. Any team that needs a GM would be silly to not at least ask Friedman if he would like to talk. But if Friedman is going to leave, it would seem that there are other opportunities for Friedman that are closer to home.




  1. John Smith says:

    Who would want to be GM of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Mexico? That team is a sinking ship with a horrible FO. I feel bad for the fanbase..

  2. Gus says:

    I'm thinking if a multi-millionaire flies cross country to talk to Friedman, he must have some indication that he's at least receptive to talk. Even Billy Beane had to go to Boston in Moneyball. The again, maybe it was fact-finding. Can't imagine if they were on the QT they'd go out to dinner in Downtown St. Pete.

    Too bad the dinner wasn't in Tampa. Sternberg would have had many more people there to spy on him within a 30 minute drive.

    East coast guy? Isn't Friedman from Houston? My Texas in-laws would hotly dispute that any Houstonian is an east coast guy.

    Hope he stays, but he won't be the first guy to take the money for the empty promises of the Angels. Would cast Maddon's future in immediate doubt though.


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