While Joe Maddon said he expects his coaching staff to return intact for the 2012 season, the same cannot be said for the Rays broadcast staff. According to Tom Jones, Rich Herrera will not return next season.

Herrera was the Rays pre- and post-game radio host.

We’ll be honest, we hardly ever listened to those shows. Even when we took in the radio broadcast of the game, which we do about half the time (even with the game on TV), we rarely listened to Herrera. But at the same time, when we spoke to people about Herrera, it seemed like everybody either loved his act or hated it. That is not always a terrible thing. But in this case, there must not have been enough on the “love him” side.



  1. Michael says:

    Only listened to him a few times. Never really thought anything of him, positive or negative.

  2. Beth says:


    If there were anyone who really loved Herrera, he or she was quiet about it. I've only run across people who find him irritating. I think the Rays have excellent radio and TV broadcast teams, and Rich was definitely the weak link. Weird pauses; "pale hose" and "halos"; talking in a tone of voice that screamed "I think you listeners are all really, really stupid so I'm going to talk realllyyy sllllowwww..."

  3. Chris D says:

    Please don't steal Neil...please don't steal Neil...please don't steal Neil...

    Ok, I realize it'd be good for his career. But as a selfish Bulls fan...

  4. zenny says:

    Herrera was unlistenable. This is coming from someone who actually prefers his baseball on the radio during the summer and regularly catches the broadcasts. Andy Freed and Dave Wills are awesome, some of the best in the business. Herrera, not so much.

    He seemed to assume that his callers and listeners were complete idiots. Even when I agreed with him, his condescending attitude had me reaching for the radio dial.

    But as bad as that was, his inexplicable pauses were the worst. Listening, I thought that perhaps somebody in the Brewhouse (maybe fans or his producer or somebody) distracted him during the broadcast. But then I sat and watched him at work and realized that there was nobody else to blame - he sat there all by himself w/ no earpiece but would still pause mid-sentence for no apparent reason. Drove me nuts.

    Andy and Dave seemed to share my sentiments. I noticed that very often during mid-game breaks, Herrera would make a comment-seeking observation or ask a question of the guys in the booth, but they NEVER responded last season, not even once, as if they hadn't been listening to him at all. Nothing personal, but I look forward to to not listening to the guy as well.

    • Andy says:

      I totally agree!! Herrera's condescension to callers was so rampant w/anyone he disagreed with that it became unbearable after just a few minutes! Very often, I did turn the station!! I'm sure I wasn't the only one. This is not a way to build allegiances with your fan base, so I am very glad to see Rich gone!!

      However, the pauses that really annoy me are the pregnant ones made incessantly by DeWayne Staats. Though I appreciate his play-by-play coverage, his commentary is all too often plagued with blank pauses as well as those filled by unintelligible blather (e.g., uhhhh) and long intakes of air. Now that we have a very quality commentator next to him (B.A.) who rarely engages in such broadcasting annoyances, his level of professionalism pales in comparison. If I didn't know better, I'd swear that Brian Anderson is the one with over 3 decades of experience, not Staats.

  5. Ro says:

    I can't remember the specifics, but there was some information he gave during a break one day. Marc topkin was off at the time, I think his daughter had graduated or something. Anyway, Topkin texted someone in the booth to correct the information. I've been listening to Rays radio religiously since 09 and this year I really noticed a decline in Rich. When he was off for "personal reasons" and Neil filled in I thought, can we keep him? Sorry Bulls fans, but I hope he comes up. Though he's really too good at play-by-play to be stuck doing pre and post, in my opinion.

    Rich sent me a gift box last year after I called during a rain delay. I'll never forget that and I hope he figures something out that will work for him.

  6. Joe says:

    Nobody likes a brown noser who toes the company line. He didn't allow callers to vent and I think indirectly he has caused some of the problems that are perception problems between fans and the ownership. Some of my own personal misgivings about the front office permeate through Rich Herrera, who I have heard flat out cut callers off and disrespect. Rich Herrera came across as someone who loved Rich Herrera more than the callers and let the passion out of the fans. Rightly or wrongly, he helped fan my flames of anger against the ownership group. Poster child of the pulse of the decision-making process of management. Totally unfair position, and perhaps somewhat unfair by myself.

  7. Rome says:

    Rich was the best. He really was. I remember how excited I was when we finally had a pre and post game show guy. Rich would take the time to talk to you off the air about anything to do with sports, not just baseball. He was fun and he could take a joke. When you would call he would give you the time of day to post your opinion, and some days he would let you vent. Rich always had a lot of energy and I hope that he goes on to bigger and better things.

    One of my favorite Rich moments was after the Jonny Gomes' three home run game. How exicited he was. When Jonny came on the broadcast Rich quickly gave jonny Joey Gomes' stats for that day.

    Hands down, Rich was a class act. It will be a shame to see him go. He was the start and end of a good day of listening to a game. Personally, I like him better then I do Dave Wills. Nothing against "Willsy" but, I can really do without him talking about his days of being a lefty pitcher or a pitching coach for some unheard of school in Ill. That's my two cents.

  8. Morgan says:

    I enjoyed Rich's shows - especially the Saturday afternoon show. Sorry to see him go. Something seemed odd when he had to take a leave of absence unexpectedly and his colleagues had to cover. Not sure what that was all about.

    Good Luck

  9. Alex says:

    Having been cut off by him and berated on air on a few occasions for questioning an inconsistent offense or the use of Dan Wheeler in high leverage situations... Good riddance!

  10. Dave P says:

    Rich is a good guy. He always said hello to us and he is very knowledgeable about baseball. We attended many rays watch parties and
    post game shows and he was always cordial to my wife and me. he will be missed.

  11. Lucie says:

    Luv, Rich H. He's the best !!! Once when I called in and said Sam Fuld should have stopped at 1st base for the cycle.. He said really? Why ? A true team player always plays to win.!!! That is true. and that is what made Rich so special. He will tell it like it is. The Rays are follish to let him slip away.... I for one will miss him and that quick wit and knowlage that is so very much Rich Herrera. Good luck to a very special person and to someome I fell so blessed to have known.

  12. GFL says:

    I learned a lot from Rich's shows. Anyone who felt like he talked to you like you were an idiot, it's probably because you were. I don't know how he tolerated such idiotic questions on a regular basis and patiently answered them over and over again. Loved his Saturday show and wish him well

  13. CTS Durham says:

    I had plenty of oppurtunity to listen to Rich Herrara's post game shows when I was in town the past few years. Irritating is a good description. On the other hand he spent a couple weeks in Durham doing the color or play by play for the Bulls (where I live now) and he was an entirely differently broadcaster. I even had the opportunity to share this observation with him during a September visit to the Trop.

    I wish him well and hope he finds a radio position that is more suitable to his talents.

  14. Rick says:

    I will miss Rich Herrara. During the season, the radio team seems like family as I listen to nearly every game on the radio. Im sure Neil will do a great job, but Im dissapointed that a familiar voice will be gone. Go Rays!

  15. Larry says:

    I'm glad he's gone. His voice was very irritating, it sounded like his mouth and throat were full of marbles and mayonnaise. I never understood how someone with such a sickening sounding voice could land a job talking on the radio for a living.

  16. Jim says:

    I enjoyed Rich's broadcasts on the drives home from the ballpark and thought he was a great voice for the Rays ... thought he effectively defended the Rays from callers trying to disrespect Madden and the team. I wish the new guy luck but am missing Rich's commentaries and interaction with the fans, especially the on-the-road broadcasts throughout the bay area.

  17. eric says:

    I interned for him back in 2006....He cost me a full time position within the Rays Organization where he clearly should have checked out the entire situation I was involved in. I basically did his job....he spoke like Elmer Fudd....I am glad hes gone

  18. jimmy says:

    Unquestionably one of the most irritating on air personalities of all time. Pontificating, and berating and cutting off callers is not the way to endear yourself to the fanbase. Working in media, its good to have strong opinions, that's part of what they pay you for, but it is equally important to respect the fans and to remember that they are the reason you have a job. Equally horrible on the Booger & rich show. Good riddance! P.S. Spit the mouthful of mayo & marbles out of your mouth before getting on the mic.


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