Over at Business Insider, I wrote about Dennis Schrader, a Rays season ticket holder, that owns more than 4,000 autographed baseballs worth at least $2 million. Be sure to check out the money-line, where Schrader explains why his collection is not insured. [BUSINESS INSIDER]


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  1. Dre says:

    I had the pleasure of getting to know Dennis and his wife Mary over the course of two seasons. Aside from being passionate sports fans, they are true Rays fans as well. I'm so glad to see a post here about Dennis, and the quote from him is definitely par for the course with Dennis! He does have a website for his collection:


    Thanks Cork, for recognizing two amazing Rays fans. These are the stories that I wish national media would acknowledge instead of harping on the negative when it comes to Rays fans.


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