When Maury Brown wrote his piece earier this week saying Rays fans don’t deserve the team, two of his biggest criticisms were that nobody was watching on television (even though he didn’t know where Rays ranked in Major League Baseball in local TV ratings) and that nobody was jumping on the bandwagon during the exciting end-of-the-season run.

Well, a report in The Dallas Morning News suggests otherwise. While the exact ratings aren’t given, Barry Horn reports that the Rays drew a higher local TV rating during the series than the Rangers.

Of the eight hometown markets involved in the AL Division Series and NLDS, D-FW ranked seventh through the four games it took the Rangers to eliminate the Rays. Only Phoenix’s interest in the Arizona Diamondbacks kept the Rangers from the basement.

So we should expect a story from Brown criticizing Rangers and Diamondbacks fans in 3…2…1…GO!

*looks at watch puzzled*




  1. Maury Brown says:

    Very possible that the ratings were higher in TB. But, let's go over what that means...

    Ratings are different than total households, or viewers. Rating is the percentage of potential audience members - whether tuned into any program or not - who are tuned into a particular program or station at a given time. So, depending on DMA (the market's media market size) you can have a lower ratings number, but more televisions tuned in.

    As an example, Dallas/Ft Worth has a 7.8 metered market household rating, or 210,000 viewers. Tampa Bay has a 10.6 metered market household rating, or 170,000 viewers.

    You can play the numbers either way. It's good to see ratings were up for the Rays during the playoffs. Hopefully, the organization can try and leverage that against the other numbers that haven't been as rosy for the org during both winning and losing ways.

    Just to be clear, Cork, you should either clarify one of your tweets or delete it. Once again, there were NOT more people in Tampa/St.Pete that watched Rays Rangers on TV than people in Dallas-FtWorth. Smoke THAT. 🙂

    • Cork Gaines says:

      I'd rather you not comment here. After those threatening emails, it is awfully presumptive of you to think your thoughts are welcome. thanks.

    • Mike says:

      No matter how you spin it, the ratings mean that a higher percentage of the population here watched their team than in those two cities. Surely that means we deserve and care about our team, no? You can't blame the fans for there not being a higher population to even out the numbers.

    • RTL says:

      "I don't care if you're poor. I don't care if you have a smaller population. You suck!!! Nanny nanny naa naa..."

  2. ak8 says:

    Maury Brown. What a creep.

  3. Joe says:

    Hey, Maury, why don't you respond to me?! Why don't you admit the errors and mistakes that Stuart Sternberg has made and tell ME how Stuart Sternberg has made a self-fulfilling prophecy come true for him? He has created a no-win situation for Tampa Bay fans where no matter what, fans and consumers can't look good. So Maury, why don't you admit you are biased and compromised and admit Tampa Bay is a better place to live than what Stu Sternberg or you or whoever up in Bristol or New York thinks it is?

  4. Justin H says:

    well at least they sold out all their playoff games... just sayin'

  5. MarkE says:

    In the end, "Maury" knows, Stu knows, NY knows... NONE of this attendance bickering would even be on the issues radar if the smaller market, low-payroll, underdog Rays had not beaten the Yankees and Red Sox so many times the past four years. Suck it BSPN, NY and "Maury".


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