Last week, the Boston Red Sox completed a historic collapse when Jonathan Papelbon blew a one-run lead in the ninth inning of the season’s final game.

After the game, Papelbon did what every player hates to do at times like that. He stood there in his locker with a dozen microphones stuck in his face and he answered every question, even the dumb ones. At least once, it even looked like Papelbon had to gain his composure and fight back tears.

The easy way out would have been to ignore the media and leave the locker room without answering the questions. But Papelbon knew that part of his job is to let the media do their job.

So it was disheartening to hear that Evan Longoria left the locker room last night without speaking with the media.

Longoria had an awful night, going 0-3 with three strikeouts, and a walk. And we got a glimpse of his frustration when he threw his bat after the third strikeout.

After a game like that on the big stage, there are a lot of people who would rather do anything than sit there and answer questions wondering why you sucked so bad. But most players stick around and take it because it is the right thing to do. Even moreso if you are the face of a franchise.

We have never heard of Longoria doing something like this before, so we will chalk it up to some youthful frustrations. But there is a small part of us that is a little disappointed, in the same way a parent might be frustrated when their normally well-behaved child gets in trouble.



  1. td32 says:

    He left early so he could go to Bucs game. Not saying that makes it right/wrong, just sayin'.

  2. jim says:

    maybe he had to get to the bucs game!!!!!! let's see, answer a bunch of questions asked by a group washed up jocks and nerds on why he struck out 3 times, or get to a suite of hotties at raymond james.

    i like the fact that he was so pissed that he left. i would have rather joe had left instead of giving me the BS of why he put in howell, AGAIN.

  3. Jim says:

    If he was in a hurry to get to the Bucs game, then i have two HUGE problems with that:

    1. It makes it look like he was more concerned about a football game than the Rays playoff game.

    2. i seem to remember Longo criticizing the fans for not showing up last year. And yet last night, there was a sellout crowd and I saw very few people leaving early to go to the game. Would he have been OK if all the fans bolted in the 7th inning so they could get to RayJay?

    • jim says:

      i was just joking about the bucs game.

      but like i said, wouldn't you rather joe had skipped his press conference rather than say "that's what JP is on this team for?" or "if he would have gotten that pitch across?"

  4. Beth says:

    Oh, please. If he were a perennial bat tossing whiner I'd see your point. But the players have been in an intense pressure cooker environment now for 3 weeks plus. One of the things we all admire about Longoria is his dedication and intensity -- so one night it turns into frustration and he doesn't feel like addressing the media. Heck, after last night's loss I didn't want to talk to anyone, either!

    I get that part of the job of a professional athlete is to deal with the media, but can't someone who is generally very approachable get an occasional night off without that becoming an indictment of his professionalism?

    He may have gone to the Bucs game, Jim, but we all know he didn't avoid the media just because he wanted to make sure he got a good parking spot.

  5. David says:

    As a member of the media, I could see where you would be disappointed. As a fan, it neither disappoints nor thrills me. He was upset and didn't want to reveal his raw emotion. I don't have a problem with that.


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