We have heard all summer about how both the Cubs and the Astros may want Andrew Friedman to be their next general manager. But what if the Cubs go after, and land Theo Epstein? Would the Red Sox then set their sights on Friedman?

Gordon Edes of ESPN.com thinks it is possible

What would the Red Sox do if Epstein left?…The Red Sox could take another run at Oakland Athletics president Billy Beane, whom they hired once only to have him turn down the job hours later, a sequence that led to Epstein’s hiring. Or they could see if someone like Tampa Bay’s Andrew Friedman has grown weary of competing with the big-money teams in the AL East and becomes available. But [Epstein’s top assistant Ben] Cherington would offer a degree of continuity that might prove decisive if Epstein leaves.

What is interesting with the Red Sox situation is that some believe Joe Maddon’s bench coach, Dave Martinez, is a candidate for the vacant managerial position. Could the Red Sox try to steal both from the Rays with both going north as part of a package deal?

Of course, this all seems like a long-shot at best. But it also shows the level of interest and respect Friedman has in the baseball community. Eventually somebody is going to offer Friedman a big payday that will test his loyalties. Let’s hope it is not enough.


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  1. Matt says:

    Why would Andrew Friedman be loyal to the Rays? Their fans are a bunch of bandwagon jumpers. Had high attendance when the Rays won their only playoff game but they stopped showing up the moment they lost a playoff game.

    Rays fans are only around when their team is winning. Their gone instantly when their team is doing poorly. Last time they made a run in the playoffs and the Red Sox didn't make it they were talking crap, the year after when their team did poorly, they were silent.

    Besides ESPN shows Rays fans don't even watch their Rays on TV unless their doing well. Yeah I'm sure Rays management will continue to pay good money to keep a GM and manager when their fans won't support the team. Makes perfect business sense.

    You guys wanna keep Friedman and Maddon, I suggest starting to root for your team through both good and bad times (not just good times) or eventually both the GM and manager will be gone cause management won't see a point in re-signing them.


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