According to Buster Olney of, Gerry Hunsicker is one of six candidates for the general manager position of the Baltimore Orioles.

It is not known yet if Hunsicker will interview for the position. In the past, Hunsicker, the former GM of the Houston Astros, has resisted overtures from other teams to return to the GM role. But that was when Hunsicker’s wife was suffering from a long-term battle with cancer. Now that she has passed away, Hunsicker may be more willing to become a GM again.

With the Rays, Hunsicker has served as vice president of baseball operations, but is considered one-half of the Rays’ two-headed general manager monster, alongside Andrew Friedman.




  1. Amy says:

    I don't want to lose him but maybe Friedman has learned everything he needed to know. Maybe a case of the student becoming a teacher and Friedman can stand on his own. Just some quick thoughts that come to mind.

  2. Dustin says:

    Two things: first, I hate the thought of the Rays losing ANYONE from their baseball operations team. That group has been absolutely great for the past several years, and I shudder to think what might happen to the Rays if it gets picked apart. That said, I imagine it's inevitable that many of them will seek greener pastures at some point.

    Second, not to be sycophantic, but it seems reasonable to take a second to say thanks, Prof, for another great season of thoughtful conversation about the Rays. Your blog has been a reliable and pleasant distraction for the past several years, providing welcome relief from the business of teaching, class-taking, and dissertation-writing. Thanks, and please keep up the good work!


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