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The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

THE GOOD: Sweep Caroline. If the Rays wanted to convince us they were a playoff contender, they need to sweep the Red Sox. Not only did they sweep the Sox, the spanked them, outscoring Boston 22-8 in the 3 games. Mission Accomplished…James Shields. He didn’t get complete game number 12, but he did work into the 9th inning, giving up just 1 run on a 3rd inning home run. More importantly, Shields was able to work out of a bases loaded, 1-out jam later that inning to keep the score 3-1 and keep the Red Sox from getting back in the game.  Then later in the game, it was Shields other weapon, his pick-off move, when he picked off Mike Aviles after he led off the 5th with a single. That turned out to be the Sox last threat…BJ Upton. He had a walk, 2 singles and a double. But it was the 5th inning grand slam that slammed the door on the Red Sox, making the score 8-1.

THE BAD: The Big Letdown. The Rays have the next 11 games on the road starting with 3 in Baltimore. The most important thing right now is that they cannot give any ground back to the Red Sox. The Red Sox have a 2-game set with the Blue Jays. If the Rays are still trailing by 3 in the loss column come Thursday, that’s fine. But they cannot be trailing by more than that.

THE TELLING: The Rays had less than a 1% chance of making the playoffs a week ago. It is now 11.6 percent, and feels like more…As suspected, Kyle Farnsworth is still having problems with his elbow and is now out “indefinitely”…To make room for Russ Canzler on the roster, the Rays designated Mike Ekstrom for assignment…With BJ Upton’s home run, he and his brother Justin Upton became the first siblings ever to both hit 20 home runs and steal 20 bases…


  • Matt Moore has been promoted. We’ll have more on this shortly.
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Hey Red Sox fans, Chicken Little is on the Phone





  1. Boxauthor says:

    A little surprised to see this on ESPN:

  2. Rob says:

    Anyone notice that BJ is no longer pivoting his foot before swinging. Now he picks his foot up and sets it back down to time his swing, like you are supposed to do. He has a small pivot at the end of the swing, but it is much less prominent. Did Shelton finally do his job or did BJ finally take his advice? In any event, it has obviously helped his swing.

  3. Hal says:

    BJ drives me crazy, but he was great yesterday. All of hitting aside, the play of the game was his catch of Pedroia's gapper. He made it look easy; it wasn't.

  4. Sublime says:

    BJ does well, he get's a one line mention, he does bad, he get's a paragraph, such is life. Press on Bj, Press on!

  5. jim says:

    oh don? is that still the WS ring that carl is still chasing? that odour d jock is smelling more like rank ass isn't it? 3.5 back of the 2011 WS champs, pretty impressive for a horrible manager and a bunch of no hitting boys don't ya think?

    but i guess it's time for you to take off the boston hat and bring out the yankees gear, right?

    • Don says:

      Are we back, Jim boy?, you were aweful quiet for a few weeks, now the Rays live again, and your back crowing
      like the bandwagon Chicken that you are ....
      The Rays are doing exactly what I told them they had to do win 12 out of the last 18 with REd SOX/yankees and they are in, you, and the local sports writers were crying its all over at that time... not DON... 12 0f 18 look it up..Now you and Romano are back...hows that?

      • jim says:

        sorry don, but a sick 2 yr old daughter is a lot more important than responding to you calling david price a loser because he gave up 3 runs.

        don you calling someone bandwagon is pretty fing priceless. you pull for the two biggest bandwagon teams in baseball.

        what gives now though? not don? you're fing kidding me. you said they were done a month ago, and that they would be lucky if they finished third in the east. now you saying you've never said they were out of it? huh? you live in a special world, don, alzheimers is fun isn't it don? you meet new friends every day. you're a complete retard that speaks out of both open holes.

        wait and see, if the sox do truly fold up. your mancrush will be shipped out to the angels in the offseason, for whatever they can get for him and they'll gladly eat half of that contract. he's taken some heat, but it will get ugly if they completely collapse. flop.

  6. Don says:

    Oh I forgot ESPN article.....
    ROmano,ESPN and now JIM,, there all back folks....
    I never left been here since day 1... talking the hard facts and problems that needed to be addressed,sort of like the RUSH Limbaugh of baseball

    • Scotty says:

      Yes, you are the RaysIndex Rush Limbaugh... a juvenile nut job who doesn't know jack from sh!t. Congratulations.

      Don: An alternative to intelligent thought.

  7. jim says:

    don you're a lying piece of dogshit!! you've said over and over that the sox and yankees would be in the playoff while the rays would be at home. and numerous time about how your mancrush was going to get his WS ring this year.

    now, you didn't say those things, and you've been in the rays corner all year? FU, i truly think you're a fool. this site would be 1000x better is you weren't a part of it, and truthfully cork, you should take out this trash.

  8. jim says:

    don, is it wrong that i check the obituaries everyday, and when someone named donald passes away, i get this little glimmer in my eye. only to return to this site and have my hopes quickly dashed. one day......

    • Amanda says:

      I'm sorry, but that's uncalled for. Don is entitled to his opinions, and if you don't like them, don't respond to them, and let them float into thin air. Hoping someone will die because you don't like their opinion? Wow.

      • jim says:

        just to see where you stand, were you ok with me wishing that he caught leprosy and his fingers falling off? don can take his opinions elsewhere.

        and FYI they're really not opinions, they're more like delusions. he makes them up as he goes along. opinions take thought and dedication, not talking out of both sides of his mouth. his latest "opinion" completely goes against every "opinion" that he has shat out of his mouth.

        • Don says:

          Jim did you say you had a little sick girlfriend or boyfriend...been at the playground again...I warned you about that..

        • Amanda says:

          I'll tell you where I stand: I stand with Cork's comment below. Sometimes Don says things I agree with. There's a lot of times I don't agree with what he says. Sometimes things he says makes me cringe. But you're incorrect: They are all his opinion, even when he contradicts himself, even when he's being downright ugly. But like Cork, I don't believe in censorship, and that especially means no censorship when it's something I disagree with. The Nazis and the Soviets were both very fond of that method of mind control.

          If you don't like what he has to say, just ignore his comments. Period. End of discussion.

          And to tell you the truth, some of the things you said on here today are far worse that what Don has ever said. Death to someone you disagree with. Wow. Just ... wow.

          • jim says:

            lighten up. there's this new thing going around called sarcasm. i think that the "accident-armadillo-leprosy" thing may have tipped you off that i'm really not out stalking don with a high powered rifle. holy crap, or wow, just wow.
            don is a tool, no those aren't opinions. they're jabs thrown out there just to get a response.

            and wow, just wow. i'm now a nazi because i'm asking that some complete asswipe that has no valid opinion other that poking the bears be kicked off a FAN website.

          • Amanda says:

            Again, see Cork's response below. You want people censored when you don't agree with them. Don's a pessimist, but he's a Rays fan. If you don't like what he has to say, either don't read his comments or don't take his bait.

  9. MarkE says:

    I know I shouldn't bother, but...

    Cork, I appreciate the entertainment value that some of your readers may get from watching the Jim v. Don train wreck, but the last few comments here are way over the line... or is there no line?

    I'm here for sports info, not Jerry Springer. Yes, morons, I had a choice NOT to read your posts, but I actually remember the both of you contributing valid points in the past, so I read them all. But it's getting boring and stupid (...or, I believe the word you two like is "retarded").

    I'm sure you NYY fans reading this are loving it, but remember, there are a few in every crowd.

    I'm not going to dignify it with any more of my time except to say I'm visiting (clicking ;-|) less and less frequently and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    • Sarah says:

      The way I use this site is - I go to the "recent comments" button and avoid clicking on comments from commenters who I know have little but vitriol to offer. It's possible that I miss the occasional insightful point from one of these folks, but in general this allows me to engage only with participants able to have a civilized conversation.

  10. jim says:

    i've never bashed or said anything negative about any other poster on this site. sorry but i'm not going to sit back and read the same crap from don over and over.

    If this little exchange means that i get banned along with don, then i won. if this means that cork has to edit posts then so be it.

    should i just ignore it, as long as the reply button is at the bottom of my screen, then no, i won't.

    NYY fans are loving it? do you think they care? cork, how about a comment section that you have to register for?

  11. LoLJFH says:

    All of this is very entertaining from the standpoint I bet MOST of us are over 30+ and acting like 17 year olds. I equate this to my 20 year old son who likes to argue about every little thing my wife and I say. If you walk away, don't entertain the moronic notions one has, then he shuts up and goes back to his room.
    Rob, I did not see BJ's new "kick" but will definitely look for it, nice "catch".
    Here's hoping to the Rays not flaming out against O's tonight/this week as wont to do at times after a big series.

  12. Cork Gaines says:

    I would rather not get into a scenario where I am censoring thoughts and opinions on here. And I don't want a scenario where I have to ban commenters. There are Rays blogs that do that and I would like to think we can be above that.

    What I ask is that you guys just try to remember that we are all here for the same reason. We are Rays fans and we want the Rays to do well. Some of us are optimists. Some of us are pessimists. And some of us are just loco. I'm sure I have fallen into all three categories at different times. But we just need to remember we are all Rays fans.

    And let's face it, there aren't enough of us that we can afford to alienate or shun the ones we disagree with.

    Sports are designed to draw emotion out of fans. Arguments and disagreements are a major part of that. But let's try to keep the fights to stuff on the field.

    Please and thank you.

  13. Joe D says:

    I haven't been over to joe bucs fan for his side of the story, but I heard Ra call him out in the press conference today.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      It's pretty funny. Raheem apparently doesnt realize that back in June on Big Dog's show, he said he had been talking to players. Joe was just commenting on that. But Ra apparently forgot that and thinks Joe was snooping.


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