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The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

THE GOOD: One Down. Unlike last weekend, the Rays don’t have to sweep the Sox. Win 3 out of 4 and get within 2 with 10 to play is nice position to be in. By getting game 1, there is less pressure today. And in fact, there is a growing pressure on the Red Sox. The Rays have now won six in a row against the Sox, and they have done it in dominating fashion, outscoring the Sox 41-12 in those 6 games…Bossman. This is not even an exaggeration. We haven’t seen BJ Upton hit the ball as consistently hard as he is hitting the ball right now. His home run was a moon shot over the monster in the deep park of the field. And that might not have been hit as hard as the line drive he hit that was never more than 15 feet off the ground but still almost went over Carl Crawford’s head. Let’s just hope this lasts a couple of more weeks…Dirtbag. Evan Longoria is starting to gain a reputation as not just a big-time player, but as a guy that brings it when it matters the most. His 3-run home run in the 3rd inning was of the exhale variety. Everybody, fans and players, are a little uptight in a big series. And his jack allowed everybody to exhale and relax just a little…Alex Torres. Torres pitched the 9th inning giving up 1 run and striking out 2. He also walked a batter on 4 pitches which sums up Torres perfectly. Nasty stuff, occasional lapses in control. What is good is that this guy would be in the rotation for half the teams in baseball, but with the Rays he is #8 on the depth chart.

THE BAD: Livers. We have three more games of this?

THE TELLING: Don’t forget. This is not a 2-team race. The Angels are just 1 game behind the Rays…No doubt you guys have noticed, we don’t ever use the nickname “Big Game” for James Shields. But we will gladly use it tomorrow if he shows us something tonight.


  • Apparently The Ripper from “Last Action Hero” was at Fenway Park last night. [IMAGE]
  • Pricey being Pricey. [VIDEO]
  • Kyle Farnsworth is the 12th “Meanest Player” in baseball according to []
  • The logo for this roofing company looks familiar. We can’t quite place it. Do you guys know? []
  • We think it is safe to say that LaGarrette Blount will see the ball more this Sunday. [JoeBucsFan]




  1. Sarah says:

    Just a random thought -- Last night's game was played in rain and wind, and as usual the odd dimensions of Fenway Park -- weirdly deep outfield in one spot, shallow in others, and balls that should either be caught or should be homeruns pinging off that stupid green monster. So playing in THESE conditions is authentic, baseball as it ought to be. But Tropicana Field is not fit for major league baseball because 2-3 times a year a ball hits a catwalk?

    But on the game -- I'm SO glad they won last night because tonight will be tough -- they've been dominated by Beckett this season, so unless his ankle is an issue we're in for a long night.

    • Charles says:

      Part of the reason I love baseball is the quirks of the home fields. I love the hill in Houston, I love the outfield swimming pool in Arizona, the waterfall in KC, and yes, I love the weird catwalks and (until this year) oddly colored grass at Tropicana Field. No other major pro team sport really has that variety.

  2. Amanda says:

    ^^ "So playing in THESE conditions is authentic, baseball as it ought to be. But Tropicana Field is not fit for major league baseball because 2-3 times a year a ball hits a catwalk?" Well played ... I was thinking the exact same thing last night.

    Cork, didn't BJ have similar consistancy coming down the stretch in '08? The guys on MLB Live last night were mentioning that.

    Also ... *that's* how you rest your position players!! Let them start the game and beat the pee out of the other team's starters, and then give them a rest when the game's out of hand. Big difference: Using this method, they pile on the Sox in Boston. Using the other method, they lose to a 17-game loser on a last-place team.

  3. Matt says:

    The first and the last games in the series are the games they *should* win.

    It's tonight and tomorrow that will be very tough...

  4. Don says:

    Bj Upton is one of the best hitters in baseball when his team is up 4 or 5 runs...when there down 3 to 2 he's useless....
    Prove me wrong the next couple of nights BJ..
    For god sakes Maddon wash your hair, you said you wasn't going to cut it, but you didn't say you were not going to wash it..your begining to look like JP howell...maybe thats what you'all do in California?

  5. Rob says:

    Did anyone else notice that Longoria was caught on camera taking something from a female fan and putting it into his pocket (presumably a phone number) while standing in the on-deck circle?

  6. jim says:

    wasn't it a boston girl that evan was supposedly texting and sending pictures of his weewee? just sayin'

  7. Amanda says:

    I didn't feel like watching the game on the computer last night, and I was curious about how the NESN announcers were calling a Rays game. (It was on MLB Network.) Oddly enough, they weren't completely annoying. Unlike watching a YES Network game (which I can only stand about a half inning of), the NESN guys were pretty fair and there was no grandstanding, no annoying nicknames or calls, and no excuses, even on the odd bat-breaking play. I thought that was pretty fair of them, even during a 9-1 loss.

    Cork, all four games of the series are on national TV: First two on MLB, then Fox, then TBS. Woot!

  8. mj says:

    Lol @ "the ripper", never thought I'd have to relive those childhood nightmares again.

  9. KillaTapes says:

    One of the most fundamental aspects of a swing is getting your foot down in time to be in a ready position to see the ball. If you look, BJ is now just just doing a simple leg kick, and you can tell he's seeing the ball out of the pitcher's hand much clearer now.

    Did Shelton finally get through to BJ? Was it his brother perhaps? Rod Carew? Was it Don!? Regardless, I'm glad he's finally abandoned that silly foot twirl, and simplified things- Now hopefully he keeps it up!

    • Don says:

      MY 15 min. offer is still available...but it would cost BJ..IF I didn't improve him 30-50 pts over night....I will drive him and Longo around tampa on their next drunk night out..

  10. Hal says:

    Are you saying that you didn't fix BJ, Don? My heart just broke a little.

    • Don says:

      How could i have fixed him, hes still doing it, one or two good at bats then he goes right back to old way, same thing golfers do after taking a lesson and they get out on the course, they go back to old way of swinging

  11. jim says:

    stat of the day...
    the red sox are batting .178 against the rays this year. that the lowest in 65yrs of stats. the previous low was 1966 at .204.

  12. Gus says:

    Rays need to bunt Beckett to death tonight. Don't hit him much anyway. Need to work that ankle anyway. Plus grass should be slow with all that rain up there.


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