Stuart Sternberg made the trip to Camden Yards last night where he partook in some Boog’s BBQ (for a few minutes we thought he said “booze” which left us puzzled). He also held court with the media and spoke about this “wonderfully improbable” season, and some other off-the-field topics.

But among the numerous quotes, there was one that caught our attention (more highlights below; via Marc Topkin)…

On Andrew Friedman’s future:

“Andrew is a partner here, he’s a partner of mine. And he treats this organization even better than I possibly can. There’s nothing to report on [possibility he will become a GM with Cubs or Astros]… We’ve been at it now, it’ll be six years, and it doesn’t feel like six years, and I would think we would keep the band together another six years.”

The attendance and payrolls quotes below are really nothing new. But maybe the most telling quote was Sternberg calling Friedman a “partner.”

Does World B. Friedman have equity in the team? He is not listed among the Rays twenty partners. If not, is Sternberg suggesting that Friedman will have equity in the team in the future?

Sternberg is a very honest owner. And sometimes it appears as though he is just saying whatever comes to mind. But make no mistake. He chooses his words very carefully when it comes to important topics. It was not an accident that Sternberg used the word “partner.”

The Rays are known for being creative when it comes to battling the deep pockets of other organizations. If Friedman is rewarded with a stake in this franchise as an incentive to stick around, that would certainly be creative.

Other highlights…

On Joe Maddon’s future:

“I have no reason to think he wouldn’t be here [after his contract expires next season]”

On attendance:

“It’s always difficult, and it’s been like that for a long time. When the other team does something good there’s a ton of cheers and you do something good it doesn’t really outweigh it.”

On the 2012 payroll:

“I don’t know, but we’ve clearly fallen short on our financial projections..I could not have projected our attendance would be down what it was…Nothing positive happened financially this year. We were last (in attendance going into the weekend). I hadn’t even realized that. I didn’t forecast last.”



  1. Don says:

    you think Stuie is splitting the profits with his "partner"
    Wan'ta bet?
    WHere else would Maddon go? to Cubs...then he could reunite with Garza,pena to win 60 games

  2. Joe says:

    You got to remember here that Andrew nor Matt have contracts. They are in essence "partners" to whatever piece of the pie Stu wants to give them. Of course the profits are being split amongst Stu and Matt!

    My bias against Stu really really hurts my objectivity, but I cannot dispute their results. Part of it is good fortune and they have gone the route of strong, YOUNG AFFORDABLE starting pitching while sprinkling in homegrown talent and they of course now have a seat at the table every year. This year and where they are at with 20 games to go is a shock to me.

    But the buzz about the team is paltry. Part of me believes that privately they want the team to fail just to say "I told you so." Their greatest trait, their arrogance is also their biggest sin. They don't feel the need to explain or rationalize themselves, they act in a vacuum, and hence, they are right around where they are right now. But I don't know if they care about the consequences and the alienation they have done. It sure helps to have Jonah Keri all on your side and every bit of media favorable to your "cause". Although I respect their results, I can never, EVER support Stu Sternberg ever again.

  3. Joe says:

    I am just upset at the arrogance. I have had enough of it. Sternberg has acted very callously in this debacle that he helped perpetuate, not by anyone else's undoing. I am not a fan or an advocate of "pay for play" strategies at all, and although Sternberg and Friedman may believe in "arbitrage" (a common term in "The Extra 2%"), I feel he has put the fans and citizens in this as well.

    The approach I think for him is too selfish. He knows the conditions of the market, which has never recovered and was reeling even before the national numbers started to tank. I just don't see it and never ever will see it. He is seen as an outsider and man of quirks. I do NOT discount his success, believe you me I am not, but I am disappointed and quite frankly disgusted with lack of connection with fans and citizens of the area. I know my comments are polarizing, just as my good friend Gus is, but I cannot and have no use for an owner who admits that you as a fan have to show up in order for us to sign "x player". It is sinister and downright insulting. But again, the results are quite good, but does he truly understand how is is hurting fans, the lack of civic connection?

  4. Don says:

    GEE JOE, sounds like stuie broke you heart, "he is hurting you"??...
    don't worry you will get over it.... some little girl broke my heart in the 8th grade, but it wasn't over a baseball team (game)

  5. Joe says:

    Oh, I am over it....when he leaves Tampa Bay for good and the fans and people of the area realize he is marginalizing the fanbase and politicians for every dollar he can make.

    MLB has a horrible economic model, ok, so let's call a stadium that has only been a major league ballpark for 14 seasons as "aging", and let's run down everyone when and while we can. I could say a lot about Stu Sternberg, but somethings are best left not said.


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