Joe doesn’t know whether Evan Longoria was nuts to not take the sure out at home plate after a force out at third or whether he was just a man with a hefty set of balls to try and turn three.

Regardless, it worked, and tonight’s comeback win no doubt was destiny after the Rays’ turned that sixth-inning triple play with the bases loaded.

Later in the home seventh, Joe must admit he cursed up a storm when trailing by one run Matt Joyce wasn’t laying down a bunt with B.J. Upton on second and Longo on first with nobody out. Of course, Joyce drilled MFIKY’s pitch into the right field seats to give the Rays the 5-3 win.

Surely, “the numbers” said to bunt. But as Joe Maddon said last night, sometimes you just have to trust people no matter how much you love the numbers.

Thankfully, he was trusting of Joyce.

What was once a season of what-ifs now feels like the final 10 minutes of a cheezy Hollywood movie with a PG-rated happy ending.

At this point with one or two games to go, if the Rays can’t nail down a Wild Card spot, it’ll be an extraordinarily miserable and maddening offseason of what-ifs featuring Dezmon Jennings, Andy Sonnanstine and many more.

Don’t let that happen Rays. Get it done tomorrow!





  1. Michael says:

    The best part about MFIKY not giving a crap about anything is that it gets to take center stage when he gets put in meaningless game situations.

    There is VIDEO TAPE of him throwing 97 heaters all year for Tampa.

    He came out tossing 89 and a weak 81 slider that had almost no movement.

    As soon as I saw the first 89 fastball out of his hand, I knew that the Rays would score.

    • Drew says:

      According to pitch f/x data he threw one four seamer at 93.3 and 15 cutters averaging 91.1. When you look at his data from the 2010 season, those velocities are right in line with his averages (92.9 four seam and 91.6 cutter).

  2. Ac3 says:

    Not thinking negatively, but who starts Thursday if it comes down to it?

  3. Michael says:

    I would guess Niemann with Moore and Torres on emergency standby.

    2011 Niemann is 2010 ALDS James Shields

    Yeah we'll put him out there

    But at the first sign of awfulness he's getting the cane

  4. Andy says:

    I'm thinking Joe (the other 1) goes with Moore from the start since he seems to work best as a starter & was so smooth last time. Given how Joe has put so much faith in so many rooks this year, I don't see him shying away from doing this on Thurs, even tho it's the most important game of the year. For these Rays, it's just the 'next game' 🙂

    Cool to hear that Longo basically called the triple play before it happened, at least the way Zorilla tells it!!! Dirtbag Rules!!!


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