Hellboy was masterful shutting down Baltimore with a complete game four-hitter today. Savage control on just 97 pitches.

So how long before the Rays shut him down for the season? He’s at 164 innings and, given the Rays history, it’s hard to imagine they’ll let him start a game past 180.

His next two starts appear to be against the Red Sox, who the Rays trail by eight games in the Wild Card chase.

Would Stu and company dare end HellBoy’s season if the Rays were still in the hunt this season, say five back with 12 to play? Hey, if they made him disappear in the thick of it last year, there’s no reason to think it won’t happen again.

Good to see the Rays smack around a bad starter today, even if they left a hundred runners on base and Jose Lobaton made us yearn for Kelly Shoppach.

Anytime the bats are aggressive early, that’s serious progress.




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  1. Joe says:

    Lobaton can't hit and not many thought he ever could but good god, the man looks like a catcher! He set's up nicely, receives well and we haven't gotten a chance to see it but seeing as no one has run on him, the book on him must be that he has a strong arm.

    Hellickson had 76 pitches through 8, that is just....and I am not even surprised, I can see him doing that more often during his career.


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