Everywhere Joe turns, from his radio dial to friends and men on the street, the Rays have been written off.

Frankly, it was descpicable even before tonight’s 7-2 win against the nasty Sox. What kind of baseball town turns its back on its team when its playing well and very alive mathematically?

Have the stats geeks ruined baseball so much that their data and odds are powerful enough to strip the fundamental hope that should be in every fan when his team has a shot in September? Apparently so. Joe never would have believed the Rays-Sox tonight would only draw 18,000+.

The Rays sit five back in the loss column to the Sox with 19 games to play. It’s doable. Even the BSPN baseball crew was hyping the race after the game and not ripping attendance.

When Wade Davis breaks off a complete game like he did tonight, you know the baseball gods are smiling upon this team. And throw in John Jaso’s three-run homer and him draining the Sox bullpen with a one swing of the bat, and something divine is happening.

Somebody start up the bandwagon. If you can find it.





  1. Rg says:

    We are still in it; if we win, baby!

  2. Michael says:

    why not us

  3. Tone says:

    There are no words that could describe the joy I would feel if the Rays knock the Sux out of the playoffs. Please go to these last games Bay area residents. Show support. The offseason looms. GO RAYS!!!!

  4. Adam says:

    Awsome game, not many rays games get shown down here in Australia live so it was a great game to see. I'll never understand tho why our espn station here feels the need to use the NESN feed from the trop. First live game I get in weeks and it comes live with a Boston accent! According to them lackey only left because he took a ball off the shin, not because he'd given up 5 runs in 2 2/3innings. Gotta love unbiased commentary!

  5. Don says:

    Big part of the "lack of interest" story line is the lack of PROMOTION by the media and the Team...this weekend IS the PLAYOFFS for the Rays..
    IF they can WIN all THREE GAMES they are still in it...wheres the promotion...those involved in marketing the team, need to watch a big time wrestling commercial (promotion)
    MAybe then someone would pay attention to the Rays

    If Joe MAddon plays anyone else at catcher besides Jaso....he deserves to lose! He can't see his BEST players right in front of his thick glasses!

  6. Joe says:

    According to John Romano, the team isn't in it.

    Frankly, I am tired and disgusted by the biased and slanted coverage meant to denigrate and bash fans of the area and the team. I am sick of it, and it is all over the place. The owner of the team should be ashamed of himself.

    You can lay blame in a bunch of places, but point is, if the owner from day one was mouthing off about the experience, he should look in the mirror and blame himself for the predicament he is in.


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