Joe was going to (once again) skin the hide of this offensive offense the Rays have, the brainchild of Derek Shelton.

Nothing, not one person, has put the Rays in a hole and all but single-handedly kept the Rays out of the playoffs more than the alleged Rays hitting instructor. The lack of offense from the Rays is so nauseating, it’s nearly a chore to watch the Rays fumble around with a bat like it is a fly swatter.

The Rays racked up a miserable 14th shutout of the season — 14!!! — and it’s only the sixth day of September.

But then Joe put his beer down and took a breath. Rather than some scrub on the mound that can’t stick with a team for more than two seasons (Edlose Jackson, anyone?) the Rays actually were pathetic because of the pitcher, not the usual culprit in Shelton.

The Rangers’ C.J. Wilson is a damn fine pitcher. He racked up his 16th win of the season and completely tied up the Rays in knots, a complete-game five-hitter.

While Joe was depressed over yet another shutout, Joe can’t pin this one on Shelton.

Sometimes, you have to doff your cap at the opposing pitcher. Wilson was that kind of guy tonight.



  1. Rytor says:

    Stretching for optimism: at least it didn't waste a Shields/Price/Helly start.

  2. LoLJFH says:

    One only hopes that Neimann's last 2 starts are because of who he has faced both times and not something else. His pitches looked a little fat at times and did not have usual break on them. Some of the hits he gave up I have to say were just darned good pitches they hit into gaps. CJ was Shields last night. Tip your hat to him.
    BUT. 14 SO's and how many 1 and 2 run games this year? In the last 8 games we have lost 2 SO's and two 2 run games to Texas and Baltimore amassing a grand total of 17 hits in those 4 games. We have had a couple nice wins as well, don't get me wrong, but it is either feast or famine.

  3. Mark says:

    It occurs to me that if the offense this year had been even average..a)Rays are still in contention. B)James Shields is a twenty game winner and probably a strong Cy Young contender. c)Jeremy Hellickson is hands down Rookie of the Year. And yet we kind of just wasted this year because we allow the offense to bog us down.


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