We all enjoy dumping on the Four Letter for their biased coverage. But remember, the E stands for “Entertainment,” not “News.” And unlike some others, ESPN has never pretended or even claimed to be “fair and balanced.” They are a business, and they want ratings.

That being said, we were shocked when we saw that David Schoenfield wrote a column in which he outlines why the Rays will win the Wild Card in the American League

The Rays are 23-10 since Aug. 8. The Red Sox have lost five in a row and nine of their past 11. The teams have four games left against each other, starting Thursday at Fenway Park. The odds are still stacked against Tampa but I’m going to make the call: They’re going to win the wild card. Here’s why.

  1. Starting Pitching
  2. Evan Longoria
  3. Bullpen issues in Boston
  4. Pressure

Clearly Schoenfield didn’t get the memo for his superiors. There will be hell to pay.

Schoenfield goes into greater depth in his column, so feel free to head over there to get the entire scoop.



  1. Rytor says:

    The best part is, every single criticism from Boston fans is related to grammar. And while I am a stickler for correct usage of words and phrases, it's pretty awesome that typos are all they can muster up in defense.

  2. Matt says:

    Let's everybody not get ahead of themselves here.

    Look, the Rays are in great shape, but they're still three games down. We still have to go up to Fenway and take 3/4 from them to likely have a shot.

    It seems like everyone is making this thing a foregone conclusion instead of the still-longshot that it is.

    Those ~12% chance of playoff numbers aren't pulled from nowhere, they're actually pretty accurate.

    The reality of the situation is that the Rays are playing out of their minds right now and the Red Sox and playing absolutely terribly. But there's nothing to say that will continue. In fact, a return to the norm is actually pretty likely, especially once Boston gets one of their Aces back.

    If we're a game back next Sunday, then let's everybody go crazy.

    • Sarah says:

      Agreed, Matt.

      But....it's fun to get excited! So as Rays fans, why not indulge the hope that the Rays can stay this hot?

      I think your message is best delivered to Red Sox fans, who go into panic mode after one bad inning. In all likelihood they will win the wildcard; they seem to have forgotten that.

  3. Gus says:

    This is the kind of drive-by that ESPN is known for now. Get hits to the site from Red Sox Nation now that you've called your shot. If you are flat wrong, nobody remembers.

    The NFL guys make their living doing this.

    I'm in the tank for the Rays but even I see that the odds are still way stacked against them.

    MLB Network is a real treat for me. They do great work and seem more like real baseball fans and more of a meritocracy. The piece they had with Price last week was very good. Plus, Joe Magrane and his fabulous hair live on in glory on the MLB Network.

  4. Hal says:

    When did everyone become a statistician? I keep hearing "return to the norm", "regression to the mean", "outlier", and so on. Isn't sports about the exceptions? Shit, lets just depend on Coolstats and allow the Yankees/Sawx play the Phillies every year for the title. I never had as stron an '08 feeling as I have now - all that year we heard "this can't continue" and "it's gotta end." Next thing you know Aki is jumping off second base.

    The Rays are playing great because certain dudes have started to hit (BJ and Sean come to mind) that are better hitters than they've been showing all year. Is it really all that statistically crazy to assume that they can continue to hit for 2 more weeks? The Sawx are sucking because their pitching sucks (not to mention that the bullpen is way overtaxed) and their plan is to apparently pray that Lester comes around and Beckett comes back. Hmmmm. I'll take my 12% and smile.

  5. Don says:

    I likeTMZ better, reporting is better!


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