Dirk Hayhurst, the best-selling author, and pitcher, who spent the season in the Rays organization, wrote a post on his blog recently in which he relayed a conversation he had with his wife. During that conversation, the topic of Manny Ramirez’ recent arrest came up…

“Did you see Manny got arrested?” I asked my dearest Bonnie, presently standing at my side with matching coffee cup and pajamas.

“Shocker,” she said

“Yeah,” I took a sip, “I guess. Though I was kinda surprised. He wasn’t the smartest guy I played with, but he didn’t seem like the violent type either, especially not with all those female fertility drugs in his system. I thought he’d be more inclined to cry during a fight than smack his wife around?”

“Nothing he does surprises me anymore,” said Bonnie.


Hayhurst was recently released by the Rays after posting a 4.12 ERA in 11 appearances with triple-A Durham. He spent the second-half of the season on the disabled list. Hayhurst is said to be considering an offer to pitch in Italy next year.


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  1. Timmy Terd says:

    I enjoyed your book. You are correct about the Lake Elisinore Hotel and Casino. Good luck and best wishes to you and the Mrs.


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