The Rays have made up 5 games on the Red Sox in less than a week. So needless to say there is some panic amongst those in Red Sox Nation. But what we didn’t expect was for there to be panic in the Red Sox dugout.

But that is exactly what David Ortiz says is going on

“Hell, yeah, you’ve got to panic,” David Ortiz said.

While his teammates didn’t use words quite as strong, they sure don’t sound anymore confident. Dustin Pedroia sounded like a guy that is worried the Red Sox will miss the playoffs…

“We’ve just got to play better…I’m not really concerned. If we play good, we’ll win. We’re a pretty damned good team. We’ve just hit a tough patch…Because if we don’t, we’re going to home…That’s basically it. If we don’t play well, we go home.”

Meanwhile, the Red Sox own Regional Sports Network, NESN, doesn’t exactly sound like they have a whole lot of confidence in the Red Sox ability to hold off the Rays.

Tony Lee of feels that the Rays don’t catch the Red Sox, it won’t be because the Red Sox are the better team, but rather, it will be because the Yankees will still be playing hard down the stretch.

On a side note, that picture above of Big Papi “running” just looks painful.


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  1. Sarah says:

    First, I think they Red Sox are over-reacting. As poorly as they've been playing lately, wouldn't you rather be the team with a 3 game lead than the team trying to catch up?

    But I was actually thinking there were some advantages to playing the Yankees for the final series of the season -- if the Yankees have clinched by the last week of September, then the Rays won't be facing their best line up for those final days. Do you think they are going to use CC Sabathia for the last few games of the season when he'll be the first starter in the postseason? I doubt it.


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