It was the most important game of the year for the Red Sox. But Carl Crawford found himself out of the lineup, replaced by Conor Jackson, a guy that has been with the Red Sox for less than three weeks.

This came after Crawford apologized to Red Sox fans for his crappy season in his latest “diary” entry for

Crawford also says he will use the booing by Rays fans as motivation to get better…

Now that I am in a Red Sox uniform, I definitely hear the boos when I go back to Tampa, like our recent trip we made there. When I was in left field, I definitely heard heckling there. It was a bunch of haters in left field pretty much. Hey, it’s cool. I understand. The thing is, they’ve got to realize they’ve got to deal with me for another six years. I struggled this year and I’ll give them this year. But I am definitely, definitely going to remember all that has happened when I’m trying to work out and get better in the offseason, those haters will be on my mind — just know they have another six years to deal with me.

The “haters” in the left field stands at The Trop will be Crawford’s motivation to get better? That’s strange. You would think it would be his desire to, you know, help his team win, and to start living up to that $142 million contract. You would also think he would be motivated to get better this season, considering the Red Sox have yet to clinch anything, in part because of Crawford’s poor play.

But hey, if he needs a handful of haters at the Trop to suck less (starting next year), then good for him.



  1. Mike Rollins says:

    Maybe he needs more people to throw money into the on deck circle to get him motivated. Seriously though, what did he expect? If you sign with the Red Sox there are going to be some people who will treat him like he plays for the Red Sox.

  2. MarkE says:

    If it's true that the booing bothers him, I highly doubt it's the "hating" RAYS fans that irk CC the most. He sounds defeated. Even though the most important games for him and his team still lie ahead, he seems to speak of this season in past tense. I believe this is an indication that the RedSux fans' incessant negativity and drone of doom and defeat has gotten to him and, hopefully, some of the other Boston players.

  3. Jim from NPR says:

    CC...grow a set will you. You don't complain when the Red Sox nation boo's Johnny Damon. And if that's what it takes motivates you, then I for one, am glad your gone. Pride should motivate you, your contract should motivate you. You chose a 142 million reasons to leave Tampa, you were the Greatest Ray ever, now you are the enemy ON the field. If the taunts of the Rays faithful get to you, pray I never sit within ear shot of you.

  4. Sarah says:

    I've got to believe he here's more boos these days from his "own" fans in Boston then from a few hecklers at the Trop. And besides, wasn't Carl one of those complaining about playing in front of an empty house back in "Tampa"? So when he signed with Boston he was happy to get away from a stadium that was half empty, but now when he comes back to St. Pete he is bothered by the reactions of the fans? So which is it, Carl, are Tampa Bay fans indifferent, or are we "haters?"

    Speaking of which, how long has it been since Damon left Boston? And the Boston fans, who seemed to sleep through most of this past series, would wake up just long enough to boo him? Talk about long memories.

    And finally, we all know that Carl doesn't write his "diary" so we need to take all this with a large grain of salt. The only question is whether the actual author gets some comments from him to work from, or just makes the whole thing up.

  5. Don says:

    What CC doesn't understand is "that is the nature of people" when ever you better yourself, move on for more money or a bettter situation there is ALWAYS a certain # of people who are going to "hate" you... its in their nature as "losers"..... to "hate" anyone who succeedes... and if it makes them feel better by booing...fine..its the live they lead ....the guys in the $20 outfield seats at a ballgame....sad but true

    • Jeff says:

      What a dumb comment. CC is booed because he plays for the Red Sox. Plan and simple. Why insult the fans that are actually going and sitting those $20 seats rather than sitting at home.

  6. Steve says:

    I'm pretty sure its a universal that fans boo opposing players at sports events. This is CC's biggest issue (other than the fact that his best years are behind him) he doesn't have thick enough skin for a place like Boston. It will get a lot louder there if he doesn't perform, but I don't think his max performance will every justify his salary to the Fenway fans so he should check in with Garza on getting some of those ear plugs.

  7. Erick says:

    Wow, I guess those 48 fans in left field really got to him

  8. Rob says:

    I think the boos he is hearing at the Trop are coming from Red Sox fans 😉

  9. tnew says:

    Apologizing to Boston fan is like throwing gas on a lit fire. He's got a huge contract to live up to and he feels the pressure so to deflect he's going to take a shot at Ray fan. Sort of a hobby for the media these days anyways. Crawford was applauded in his first game back and still gets a few Rays fans to applaud when he plays here. When you look at how he has forced managers to play him, only batting second, only playing left, never bunting etc I have a hard time callling him the "greatest Ray ever". Longo will soon wear that crown if one of the pitchers don't beat him there. When you really look at his numbers he has a high batting avg. but his OPS is only 15 pts higher than BJ Upton. In fact when you look at BJ's numbers if he maintains his pace he would catch CC in many categories if he gets the at bats in a Ray uniform. I'm not saying that BJ is better than CC yet... but just the fact that the conversation could be had tells me all I need to know about Crawford being the 'greatest ever'. Many of those stats were compiled due to longevity. At least BJ carried us through a divisional series. Just because CC was the only game in town for a long time, doesn't mean that he is the "greatest Ray ever" Would the team be better with him in Left and Jennings in Right...Absolutely but this year was not the time to dump a 6 year deal on Crawford. Boston is paying for having a bunch of older guys in the line up now at the end of the season.
    Like has been said, Damon get booed every at bat. Still waiting for a complaint there.

  10. Rg says:

    Carl is worried about what Rays fans are saying about him, check out the first question(from a RedSox fan) in this guys "mailbag" column.

  11. Don says:

    Rg. just visited that Red Sox"mailbag" you think our Rays fans would even know what they are talking about..just saying

  12. bbmern says:

    CC is nothing but a crybaby. I will boo him every time he comes up to the plate. He is a Boston Red Sox people! He has now given us more incentive to move forward and yes, the boos will be louder next time he comes around. Hopefully, it won't be til next year!

  13. Sox Fan says:

    Time to apologize again.

    Oh well... at least the B's got the Cup.


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