Last year, ESPN conducted a review of every major sporting venue’s concession stands and Tropicana Field did not receive a favorable rating. In fact, all 47 of the concessions inspected received at least one critical violation.

This year, things are better, but the report is still a bit gruesome

Centerplate, the concessions vendor for Tropicana Field, has reduced its average number of critical violations by more than two-thirds, to 1.1 per outlet.  But 57 percent of outlets still were cited for things like “mold and flies,” “slime in the ice machine,” and workers handling meat without gloves.

Ok. flies happen. Not great, but whatever. Mold? It doesn’t say where the mold was found. So let’s just assume it was on the floor or on the backside of a machine. Right? Good. But “slime in the ice machine.” What the hell? C’mon people. Slime? What does that even mean (Ed. note: see comments)? And “handling meat without gloves”? We know a lot of these workers are volunteers, but aren’t gloves just common sense?

Disgusting. Just disgusting.



  1. Sarah says:

    Which is why bringing your own food is such a great idea. Then I just have to worry about the disgusting mold no doubt growing in my own kitchen.

  2. Dre says:

    there is no excuse for not wearing gloves. however, having worked in the service industry at several local popular eateries, you would be hard pressed not to find an ice machine without the slime in it. it's very rare that a restaurant burns all their ice each night and cleans the machine. most do it monthly at best.
    not trying to gross you out and keep you from eating out, just saying

  3. Hal says:

    Slime in the ice machine is fairly common in restaurants. If you think thats gross, you should see the slime that comes out of the nozzles on coke and tea machines. That being said, the food at the Trop is beyond horrible. They can't even get popcorn right - I don't think they actually pop it there as it is always stale.

    It was better before this Centerplate operation came in, but my understanding was that they were basically extorting the individual vendors to have a spot in the Trop. The Columbia used to have a really cool stand there and there was a little mom and pop that sold sausage and pepper sandwiches that were really good. But no more - you really need to bring your own.

    • Sarah says:

      I do remember the Columbia. Being able to have excellent black bean soup made Casey Fossum seem a bit more bearable.

      It would be great if they could find a way to include some local restaurants, or at least provide a broader array of offerings. I'd be willing to live with some ice slime if they would find a way to serve something that vaguely resembles a fruit or a vegetable. Or how about at least a decent coffee bar?

  4. Steve says:

    I work at a national chain restaurant part time to supplement my income and we aren't required to wear gloves when we make the food as long as we wash and sanatize our hands regularly. Maybe they are talking about after the food is cooked?

  5. werD says:

    google "slime in the ice machine" then tank Marvin Zindler, Channel 2 news...


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