Joe Maddon and Buccaneers Head Coach Raheem Morris have a Bromance-thing going on. They like to hangout. They like to show up at each others place of work. And they are never shy about showing support for each other.

And while it is not unusual for one coach to support another, most coaches might just show up at a postgame press conference wearing a hat of his buddy’s team. But this is Joe Maddon we are talking about. Never one to think inside the box, Maddon did today’s postgame presser in a Bucs helmet.

An actual helmet…

Of course, Maddon is no novice when it comes to football helmets. When he first arrived at Lafayette College (PICTURES OF JOE MADDON IN COLLEGE), he was on a football scholarship as a quarterback. But after his freshman year, he switched to baseball full-time.


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    Best. thing. ever.


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