There is a new twist in the burglary of the spring training home shared by Evan Longoria, David Price, and Reid Brignac. While we already knew that Longoria had an AK-47 stolen during the break-in, there is a new report that among the items stolen was a “Rubbermaid style container” containing marijuana (via

According to the police report, in addition to watches, computers and Longoria’s AK-47 gun, the suspects also took a “Rubbermaid style container” containing marijuana…When asked about that before Friday’s game with the Yankees, Longoria said, “We’ve decided, obviously the three of us as a group and the organization as a whole, to just let the police do their job and us to keep that to ourselves. … We’re just not going to make a comment.”

According to Marc Topkin’s report on, these claims were not made by the players but are based on statements “from the suspects and others questioned in the investigation.” That sounds suspiciously like the suspects bragged to their friends about what they took.

Topkin adds that Major League Baseball is investigating, but that the toughest penalty may be “placement in a treatment program and additional testing” if it is deemed a first-time offense.

Oh, and if these guys weren’t idiotic enough to keep an AK-47 and a bunch of weed in a house with opened windows. The suspects apparently let it be known why they picked this particular house.

According to the police report, the suspects were attracted to the house because of Price’s Bentley, which was parked in the driveway and indicated to them there were expensive items in the home.

C’mon guys. You took a Bentley to Spring Training? And left it in the driveway while you were at the game? Brilliant.

Not to mention, now all the people that will look at maybe the three most disappointing pieces to the 2011 season, will put two and two together and get the square-root of potheads. Awesome.



  1. Michael says:


    A RUBBERMAID CONTAINER?? For one month?

    correct me if I am wrong, but they don't really make "small" rubbermaid containers.


    • Blake says:

      My entire tupperwear set is Rubbermaid. They likely had like a sandwich container size, if anything...I'm sure it wasn't the size of the rubbermaid been I store my Christmas decorations in, because Kaz has been gone for a couple years now.

    • StPeteDave says:

      Of course they make small Rubbermaid, that's what I keep my funk in.

  2. mrTr0ut says:

    Hey now, Timmy smokes all the time, why not Price/Longoria.

  3. Michael says:

    I don't think the issue at hand is that they smoke weed.

    I think the issue at hand is they are apparently functionally retarded.

    • Namirsolo says:

      If it's true, I would agree. Right now it only seems like a rumor. I wouldn't care if they are smoking weed except that it's irresponsible and risks both their reputations and their careers. You'd think that two rising baseball stars (Brignac not so much) would have better judgment when it comes to engaging in illegal activities.

      • Namirsolo says:

        I'm not someone who believes that weed should be illegal, but since it is, they have no business touching it.

  4. Joe says:

    Maybe someone can investigate Topkin for being a jackwagon of a reporter?! 🙂 Master Regurgitator Marc Topkin 🙂

  5. Amanda says:

    My biggest concern is that I hope the three guys didn't report that the Mary Jane was stolen. Or when the police started listing off all the things they found on the suspects, they didn't go, "Oh yeah, that's ours" instead of, "Oh heck no, that's totally theirs."

  6. Sarah says:

    Reading this reminds me that these guys are about 5 minutes past adolescence, except they are adolescents with large paychecks. Park the Bentley outside, leave jewelry, guns and drugs around, and then... go away for the day and leave open the back door so the dogs can go out???

  7. Eric Dockerty says:

    You're honestly believing the guy who has been in jail 10 times and reporting this as fact? Come on man, be better than that. There's no reason anybody should believe a word that guy says.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Well, they apparently also told their friends they stole an AK-47. That turned out to be true, no?

    • Sarah says:

      and you're honestly believing that baseball players don't smoke pot? Of course two thieves aren't the most reliable informants, but it hardly strains credulity to imagine that these guys had marijuana in their home.

      That's why people lock their doors, folks!

  8. Don says:

    SURPRISE SURPRISE ,SURPRISE: the very guy I hinted at frequently as not being "right"...and I said it wasn't injuries...Kazmir disease as I put it...
    Heres your way out LONGO PRICE BRIG..agree to a drug test RIGHT NOW! Rays demand it!
    I undersrtand it takes 30-60 days to clear system, IF you have nothing to hide you are cleared of any suspicion...end of story..If not..
    I know one thing before season BRIg was doing the bar scene in tampa with the wrong reported by my big drinking friends in tampa

    • JP says:

      There will be no drug tests. I believe it is in the players agreement with MLB that drug testing for THC is not permitted. Also, I highly doubt the Rays will ask them to submit a voluntary drug test from accusations made by "thugs" that got caught. Plus MLB players smoking pot, not as uncommon as we think.

  9. Steve says:

    I don't get why some of you are being so critical of these guys. The only guy that has had a terrible year is Briggy, Price and Longo have been pretty good. Longo has been dealing with injury all year but he'll still end up with 20+ hr @ 80-90+ rbi. These guys are young and maybe enjoying their success a little too much, but taking the word of some low life burglars over Price and Longo is "retarded".

    • Jim says:

      1. The players haven't denied anything, which would be very easy to do. So nobody is taking the word of "low life burglars" over Price and Longoria. The cops sound pretty convinced there was marijuana in the house. Now the house is a rental, and the wording from the cops appears to suggest that the cops seem content to give the players the benefit of the doubt that the weed was left by the owners or previous tenants *wink, wink*.

      2. It doesn't sound like the thieves just volunteered the information to the cops for some nefarious reason. Rather it sounds like this was information picked up by the police during the investigation. As mentioned above, it sounds like this is what the thieves told other people, who then told the cops. Does that make it true? Not necessarily. But it makes it less of a motive to lie.

      3. Taking the word of thieves over these kids is not "retarded." Using the word "retarded" to insult somebody is pretty ignorant though.

  10. Societyfail says:

    I was personally at the game on the day this took place. We parked in players parking and Mr. Price's Bently was in the parking lot. The kids must have previously scoped out the property. Regardless if or if not any Marijuana existed the crime for possession is nothing to that of armed robbery. These kids have records already and are not a functional part of society. At least Mr. Price, Longiria, and Brignac pay taxes and contribute positively to society. I would love to see a news article 10 years from now on the positive impact the 2 kids arrested have had on our society. Let's not forget 1/2 of the country has decriminalized marijuana. The mother upset about her childs arrest should be forced to take parenting classes. Let's ask some questions. Why does my son have money all of a sudden? Why is my kid carting around a AK 47? Where did this jewelry come from? Why are you hanging out with a 22 year old who has pages of arrest records? Why do you smell like marijuana? Why cant I read the news and put 2+2 together? Having children should be a privilege not a right for anyone that can lay on their back.

  11. beazy says:

    Well, I wish I knew, I would of yelled to them and asked if they wanted any of our brownies we were eating at the game, but whats the issue, they were smoking the funk to help heal their injuries, for real, I fell down some steps at the Trop, thats why I ate some brownies...

  12. beazy says:

    I'm joking kids, drugs are bad, (for opposing pitchers)...


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