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The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

THE GOOD: A Start Wasted. Outside of the home run to the first batter of the game, Jeremy Hellickson was masterful. After allowing 3 baserunners in the 1st inning, Hellboy retired 15 of the next 16, including a franchise first 4 strikeouts in the 3rd inning. That happened after Kelly Shoppach couldn’t handle a strike 3, allowing the batter to reach first base. But this start, even a loss, was classic Hellickson. If you can throw strikes and change speeds, you can be successful as a pitcher. And that is exactly what Hellboy does. 102 pitches. 87 were either fastballs or changeups. And 59 of those were strikes. Simple, but effective.

THE BAD: Still No Beef. Doug Fister retired the first 13 batters he faced. And once again, when the Rays did get runners into scoring position, they couldn’t figure out how to get them home going 0-5 with 3 strikeouts and a double-play to end the game…Unlucky. We really want to be mad at somebody for the game-ending double-play, but it was just bad luck. You really want that second runner in scoring position, especially a slow runner like Matt Joyce who is no guarantee to score from first on a double. And he got such a good jump that Sam Fuld’s line drive was behind him, and Joyce didn’t know it was a flyball until he rounded second and picked up Tom Foley. Even Fuld gets credit for hitting the ball hard. Good call. Solid Execution. Dumb luck…Losing Series. Teams don’t lose 3 of 4 to the Tigers in late August if they want to be taken seriously. Right now, the Rays can’t even make the argument that they are just a victim of their own division. Even if there was a second Wild Card in the AL, the Rays would be on the outside looking in.

THE TELLING: Andy Freed missed his second straight game in the radio booth…The Rays went 1-6 against the Tigers this season.


  • If you missed the update, Brad Penny claims he screamed and cussed at Sean Rodriguez because Rodriguez was screaming and cussing. [RaysIndex]
  • Tom Jones blames Dewayne Staats and Brian Anderson for speculating that Brad Penny was yelling at Sean Rodriguez for not hustling. That seems odd. It wasn’t until Joe Maddon commented (especially the one where he said Rodriguez would be justified in charging the mound) that anybody was even talking about this issue. Obviously Rodriguez and Maddon thought Penny was mad about Rodriguez hustling. So to blame Staats and Anderson seems unfair. []
  • As Evan Longoria goes, so do the Rays (scroll to the bottom). []
  • The good news is all the cheap tickets for the Bucs home opener have sold. Unfortunately, there is also bad news. [Joe Bucs Fan]
  • We’re amazed at just how many Tigers fans are blaming Wednesday’s loss to the Rays on Brandon Inge. HIS THROW BEAT THE RUNNER! It is absolutely inexcusable that the second baseman wasn’t there. []


  • Charlotte 12, DURHAM 7: Brian Baker gave up 4 runs in 4.2 innings…SS Tim Beckham went 0-4 with a walk and 2 strikeouts…RF Brandon Guyer went 2-5 with a home run, his 13th…C Robinson Chirinos added his 6th home run.
  • Mississippi 15, MONTGOMERY 0: Nick Barnese was pounded for 7 runs (4 earned) in just 2 innings. He allowed 4 hits and, 3 walks and threw 3 wild pitches…SS Hak-Ju Lee went 0-3 with a strikeout as the Biscuits were held to 3 hits.
  • CHARLOTTE: (no games scheduled)
  • Lansing 5, BOWLING GREEN 2: Wilking Rodriguez gave up 5 runs in 3.1 innings raising his ERA to 4.55…SS Derek Dietrich went 0-5 with 3 strikeouts…RF Cody Rogers went 1-5 and stole his 27th base.
  • HUDSON VALLEY 6, Vermont 5: C Alejandro Segovia was 2-4 with an RBI. He is now hitting .333.
  • PRINCETON 8, Bristol 4: C Justin O’Connor hit his 7th home run and drove in 3.




  1. Blake says:

    So, who do we think gets called up here next week? Only real thing to look forward to.

  2. Boxauthor says:

    True about the Rays not being in the hunt for even a second Wild Card spot . . . however, the Angels have won 6 in a row and are playing really well. They're 8 games back in the Wild Card hunt. They play the Yankees 3 more times this year. The Yankees also have to play Boston 6 more times this season and the Rays 6 more times. If we have to sit out come October, it would be sweet knowing that the Yankees were also sitting out. Not likely, unless you consider that Sabathia isn't really untouchable anymore, and Burnett is . . . well, Burnett, and Hughes gave up 6 runs in 2.2 innings yesterday (in spite of the yanks 22-9 win).

  3. Sarah says:

    Honestly, I have no idea why Penny was yelling at Rodriguez. But the idea that he was yelling at him because Rodriguez' cursing might be heard by children in the stadium is the funniest and least believable thing I've heard since Mark Sanford claimed to be "hiking the Appalachian trail." If Brad Penny sees it as his personal mission to prevent cursing in professional baseball, he must be a busy man indeed.

    But I guess the fact that we all have so much mental energy to devote to this incident sadly reflects how dim our team's hopes are. This series frustrated me beyond words -- it's not as simple as saying that they couldn't hit, because they got hits. They just didn't score runs.

    • LoLJFH says:

      Sarah, this Penny "debacle" is laughable! The crap that redneck is spewing about S-Rod cussing on the bases and how it "isn't right, this place isn't that noisy" especially when he himself dropped at least 2 "F-bombs"?? I have ocean front property in Arizona.......

  4. jim says:

    inge deserves all the blame. he could have thrown to first, or crawled to third and easily beat kotchman for the out, instead he threw to second. he also bobbled one earlier that would have been a double play. he was brought into the game for his defensive skills and failed miserably.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Maybe, but two things.

      1. His momentum was towards second base. The ONLY time you ever see a third baseman go back to the third base bag is if that is the direction of his momentum or if the ball is right to him.

      2. Going to first base is not his call. That is the call of the second baseman. If the third baseman is moving towards second base - and in this case, it wasn't much, but his movement was towards second - then the standard play is to go to second base (shorter throw, and the body is already positioned to make that throw). If the second baseman feels he can't get to the bag before the runner, he is supposed to signal to the third baseman that ALL throws go to first base. Santiago did not do that.

      Going to second base in that situation is standard play. We see it ALL the time. And even though he bobbled the ball, the throw was still accurate and in time. It was Santiago that was just slow getting there. Not Inge's fault.

      • jim says:

        His momentum was minimal, and i don't care if it was at 40mph. he still could have beaten kotchman to the bag. the replay CLEARLY shows that. i agree that his throw was on time, but the easiest and surest was to beat kotchman to third.

        now for a real issue? is there any way you can set up the site so that you have to register to comment?

        • jim says:

          cork, i just watched the replay again, there was NO momentum. it was hit directly at him. kotchman was a dead duck at third.

          • Cork Gaines says:

            Do you think the thousands of times a third baseman threw to second base for a third out was the wrong play? Or was it just the wrong play this time because the second baseman was late covering the bag?

  5. Brandon from Durham says:

    The guys in St. Pete do know that I was close to Des all year, statistically?

    And they have some OF at bats to give. Waiting for the call.

  6. Brian says:

    Is it safe to say that Fister "fisted" our lineup?

  7. Don says:

    Rays lose 3 out of 4 and could have been 4 out of 4 if not for a fielders choice gone their own stadium...they STINK..
    and Nobody please mention playoffs ever.. in this division or any AL division until the Rays get someone that can hit the ball..these guys can't and they get no help from so called coaches..
    Pitchers have got to be getting sick of it (losing)....thru no fault of their own..

    • jim says:

      I truly hope that on your way home from the penny slots arcade that you crash into an amadillo while riding your scooter, thus contracting leprosy and it causes your fingers to fall off.

      • bbmern says:

        Don the "Judger" never has anything positive to write about our Rays. He never looks for it and never will. Best if we all ignore his a** but truly hard to do sometimes.

  8. jim says:

    it was the wrong play because there was a turtle on 2nd and that was the sure out. nobody else except for inge and the runner were a factor. you take the 2nd baseman doing his job completely out of it. he had clear site of the runner and should have taken 2 steps forward and the game was over. if he goes to 3rd, the only thing that can go wrong is that he falls down. by going to second, he has to factor in the throw, the catch and stepping on 2nd. bad decision.

    ask yourself this. after he watched the replay, if the exact same situation came up for him again, with the exact same base runners. do you think there's ANY chance that he goes to 2nd? NO.

    i don't care how many thousands of times it happens in the past. the easiest play was beating kotchman to 3rd. if jennings would have been on 2nd and kotchman on 1st, then sure you go to 2nd. inge made an error in judgement and didn't factor in who was on the pads.


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