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The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

THE GOOD: James the Greater. You could see it with the second batter of the game. Shields struck out Melky Cabrera on a changeup, the nasty variety. And right then you knew Shields wouldn’t need much support. Shields had 10 swinging strikes on the night. 9 of those were on changeups. The result was his 8th complete game and his 4th shutout…Evan Longoria’s Hair. Longoria shaved his golden locks and the result was a 2-run single in the first, and then a 2-run home run later just for shites and giggles. But then he booted a goundball. So he will probably be bald today.

THE BAD: Evan Longoria’s Barber. We are beginning to think that Longoria spends too much money on clothes and not nearly enough on his hair (above). Who is cutting his hair, David Price?…Oh BJ. Guess who was bitching at the home plate umpire, again, after another called third strike.

THE TELLING: Game took 1 hour, 53 minutes. That is the fastest 9-inning game in franchise history, and just the second to go under 2 hours. Previous fastest was 1:54 vs Astros in 2003…James Shields’ 4 shutouts are more than 26 teams. His 8 complete games are more than 25 teams, and more than the Padres, Cubs, Red Sox, Brewers, Astros and Royals combined.


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  • DURHAM 10, Rochester 6: Andy Sonnanstine struck out 6 and walked 2, giving up 7 hits and 3 runs in 5.2 innings…1B Dan Johnson had 2 doubles and his 8th home run…LF Stephen Vogt only had 1 hit, but he made it count. It was his 3rd home run in 10 games since being promoted…John Jaso went 2-3.
  • MONTGOMERY 6, Mobile 0 (gm 1): Alex Colome threw a 7-inning, 1-hit shutout, striking out 2 and walking 2…1B Henry Wrigley hit his 12th home run…SS Tim Beckham went 0-2.
  • Mobile 4, MONTGOMERY 1 (gm 2): Nick Barnese gave up 3 runs in 5 innings. He struck out 4 and walked 4…SS Tim Beckham went 0-2.
  • CHARLOTTE 7, Palm Beach 6: CJ Riefenhauser gave up 4 runs in 4 innings…Guess who had another multi-hit game, his third straight? Yep, Hak-Ju Lee went 2-5…2B Tyler Bortnick went 2-3 with a double and a walk.
  • South Bend 5, BOWLING GREEN 4: Jason McEachern allowed 4 runs in 5 innings…C Keith Castillo hit his 3rd home run…SS Derek Dietrich went 1-4.
  • HUDSON VALLEY 7, Lowell 0: Andrew Bellatti pitched 5 shutout innings, striking out 4 and giving up 2 hits and 2 walks.
  • Bluefield 6, PRINCETON 2: C Justin O’Connor hit his 4th home run.




  1. Sarah says:

    I saw Longoria interviewed, and he said he shaved his own head yesterday morning. So don't blame the barber.

    Last night's win was sort of bittersweet for me. I was thinking, "oh yeah, THAT'S what the Rays look like if Longoria is hitting." If you've got a leadoff man who gets on base and a #3 hitter who drives him in, you can get away with a few Kelly Shoppach's in the batting order.

  2. Kelley says:

    I'm pretty sure Longo said last night he cut his own hair, so that would explain a few things.

    • Kelley says:

      When I wrote that earlier, there were no comments yet. I wasn't trying to repeat what Sarah said... just wanted to clarify that.

  3. Cork Gaines says:

    Sorry everybody. For some reason my spam comment filter is on the fritz this morning. If your comment gets marked "for moderation" I will try to get to it as soon as possible.

  4. Connie says:

    you left out Jennings nabbing Francoeur in the Good! He's my boy - so much fun to watch play. And you notice he always catches with 2 hands???

    • Hal says:

      He's got a bit of a hose, does he not? He made a really strong throw the other night, just missing someone at second. That hit last night is a double every time unless you got a guy who goes hard after the ball, picks it up, and guns. I loved that play.

    • raysfan137 says:

      He won my respect big time when I noticed him catching with two hands. Sort of sad that a guy doing such a basic, fundamental thing wins my respect and my heart. Rare these days to see those fundamentals. Let's hope he doesn't let too much rub off from his immediate neighbor as he stands out there in LF.

      • Des from Durham says:

        Just remember the next time you read something about some prospect from one of these national reporters or somebody tight with management that they don't really know, they are just spitting out what somebody else says. Until you see somebody play for an extended stretch, nobody knows. Don't let them fool you. Sports are unpredictable. That is why people like sports.

        If Des had a $100 for every negative comment from the Keith Laws of the world, Des would be a wealthy cat.

  5. Don says:

    "ALL WORLD" james Shield, Price has got to be feeling worse and worse as his buddy (shields)proves once again HE is the MAN on this staff, and HEllboy #2. PRice between 3-5 and falling..

  6. Drew says:

    According to fangraphs, Kelly Shoppach has been 0.7 wins above replacement level this year. WAR continues to amaze me. He is a good defensive catcher, but so are half of the catchers in the majors. How that offsets his hitting to make him above replacement level is bewildering.

  7. Rg says:

    My wife showed me her Droid mobile device after BJ's last strikeout. It showed all three strikes to be outside the strike zone. He had every right to bitch and moan. Swinging at balls clearly outside the zone is no way to attack an at bat. You usually have a chart of pitches Cork. Any way to do that for BJ's last at bat.

    • Mark E says:

      Not defending the umpires here - a strike is a strike and a game should be called that way, no matter who is batting. However, human nature is human nature, and if a pitch is even close to borderline, the player who is infamous for relentlessly dogging the umpires on their strike calls is rarely going to get the good side of a borderline call. BJ Upton has dug his own grave with the umps, and it will take him a career if he's ever able to crawl out of it. It's not fair to him at all, but he'll almost never have a borderline call go his way. That's how human nature and the game has always worked. BJ, try staying quiet on the numerous REAL strikes that you watch -- it will help you with the umpires in your career.

  8. Rg says:


  9. Rg says:

    Here's the link. According to fx strikes 2&3 were clearly outside. Perhaps Ron Kulpa should be in the bad category as well.

  10. Rg says:

    Kulpa got it right in the fourth inning, at least according to fx.


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