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The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

THE GOOD: King David the Dominant. David Price’s fastball usage was back up a little yesterday (69.4%), but that’s ok. With the threat of the changeup and slider, his fastball becomes that much more dominant. Prior to yesterday, Price averaged 6.5 swinging strikes on his fastball per game. Yesterday he had 11. And his 17 total swinging strikes was well-above his average for the year (9.3). The result was a career-high and franchise-record 14 strikeouts with just 2 walks in 7 shutout innings. Of course, he will need to remember to keep the change and slider in his arsenal. Otherwise, too many days like this (70% fastballs) and the batters will start to catch up again…Flash Jennings, A-Ah, The Savior Of The Universe. It took a masterful performance by Price to keep Desmond Jennings from getting number one star honors. Flash went 4-5, including 2 home runs in each of the first two innings. The first was Jennings’ first career leadoff home run. Projecting his numbers over a full season would give Jennings 38 home runs and 67 stolen bases. The steals might be on target (speed never slumps), but obviously the home runs are bloated. Still, it gives us a sense of just how good he has been in his first month as an everyday player.

THE BAD: The Big Tease. For a little while there last night, it looked like the Rays had a shot to pull within 5.5 games of the Yankees (6 in the loss column). That is significant because the Rays still have 6 games left with the Yankees. But the Yankees were able to split their double-header and now the Rays still trail by 6.5 (7 in the loss column). still only gives the Rays a 3.7 percent shot at making the playoffs. The Rays are staying just close enough for us to raise our eyebrow, but not close enough to get excited.

THE TELLING: Yesterday marked just the 5th time this season the Rays have scored 12 runs. And their 12-run winning margin tied their season-high when they beat the Twins 15-3 back in April…Prospect Matt Moore recorded his 200th strikeout yesterday. He is the only minor leaguer with 200 strikeouts since 2005 and (see comments for explanation) Moore has now done it two years in a row…Desmond Jennings is now tied for 6th on the Rays with 8 home runs despite playing in only 34 games.


  • Kyle Farnsworth wasn’t needed, but he was available. [The Heater]
  • Double-A pitching prospect Nick Barnese has been shut down for the season due to “shoulder fatigue.” [Biscuit Crumbs]
  • breaks down David Price’s fastball even further. [ESPN]
  • The Yankees are not happy about how the Orioles handled the rescheduling of the games between the two clubs. To which Brian Anderson responded on the air yesterday: “Shut Up.” [New York Post]
  • Be sure to check in with Joe for all the coverage you need from this weekend’s preseason game. [Joe Bucs Fan]


  • DURHAM 4, Charlotte 3: Matt Moore struck out 6 in 6 innings, but struggled a bit with his control, walking 4 and allowing 3 runs on 6 hits…SS Tim Beckham went 0-4 with a strikeout…RF Brandon Guyerwent 1-4 with a triple…CF Justin Ruggiano homered for the first time on his rehab assignment…DH Stephen Vogt went 1-3 and is hitting .333 at triple-A.
  • MONTGOMERY 4, Carolina 3: Shane Dyer held the Mudcats to 1 run in 6.1 innings, striking out 3 and walking 1…Matt Bush struck out 2 in a perfect 1.2 innings of relief…SS Hak-Ju Lee was 0-5 with 2 strikeouts. He did steal his 4th base at double-A.
  • CHARLOTTE 7, Fort Myers 0: CJ Riefenhausertossed 6 shutout innings, striking out 3 and giving up 3 hits and 2 walks…DH Ty Bortnick went 2-3.
  • BOWLING GREEN 2, Great Lakes 1 (10): In 6 innings, Victor Mateo allowed 1 run on 2 hits and 2 walks. He struck out 2…CF Kevin Kiermaier went 1-4 and scored the winning run in the 10th on a walk-off balk.
  • HUDSON VALLEY: (no games scheduled)
  • Elizabethton 8, PRINCETON 2: 3B Taylor Motter hit his 4th home run and C Justin O’Connor added his 8th for all the P-Rays scoring.




  1. Amanda says:

    Cork, is there a way you can grab that audio from that conversation between Staats and Anderson? I about peed myself when they were talking about it. And it wasn't just that Anderson saying it ... he asked if he could speak for the collective. He spoke for everyone! LOL

  2. jim says:

    Everyone remember this?

    "one pitch pitcher, that makes him a dime a dozen pitcher"
    "should have traded him for a bat"

    don, here's showing how much you f-ing actually know about baseball. didn't you make those statements? I paraphrased because i won't waste my time looking them up.

    since you made those stupid ass comments, price has pitched 4 games, 31 innings and give up 3 earned runs. that's a .87 ERA against NY, Boston, DET, and Toronto. that's 4 of the top 5 run producers in the AL.

    yeah, he's done, a one pitch washup, and we should have dumped him for a bat. you're a fing blowhard fool that knows less about baseball than my mom does. Seriously don, please go wash away crawford's "taint" sweat from your upper lip, you're starting to draw flies.

    BTW, Jennings SLG is now .258 pts HIGHER than crawfords, his OBP is .155 higher. he has 1 less HR, and 3 less stolen bases, WHILE HAVING 277 LESS AT BATS. CARL WHO??? what a complete bust!!!! And please tell me that Crawford is making a run at the World Series. That’s like saying that Gabe Kapler made a WS run in 2008 because that about what Crawford has contributed to the Red Sox.

  3. Connie says:

    Anyone think Jennings is keeper-worthy - have him in my espn fantasy league and he has FAR exceeded all expectations. Wondering if he'll just keep getting better..... Hope so!

  4. Don says:

    Jim isn't it about time for your dailey walk past the grade school...see the its your MOM?
    Price abbandoned his insistance of throwing 85% fastballs and guess what he is now winning...just as I said he would IF he changed his ways

    Look at it this way if CC was still here Jennings would still be in the minors rotting away($400,000 and all) or sitting on the bench Because MAddon and co. wasn't smart enough to bring him up to replace a .230 hitting CF..
    IF it was CC, Jennings& Joyce The Rays would be headed to WS now..
    BUt 3rd place is not bad....

  5. jim says:

    no don, you're a complete liar, there's no IF he changed his way in your responses. all you did was trash him and says he wasn't worth keeping. here's your direct quotes. you're a fool and a liar and now you're somehow changing your story.

    “one -pitch pitcher” is more like it..How long do you think 95 mph fast balls are going to continue to strike out ML hitters..those type pitchers are a dime a dozen.."

    "Price with the big name would have been perfect trade bait a few weeks ago when they we talking about giving away our “ACE”, they could have got a real hitter for him….."

    he struck out 11 with the fastball yesterday and threw 70% heat. err.., you really think that's a dime a dozen. and yes mr GM, you suggested trading him for a "real bat". keep changing your story after once again you look like a complete fing fool.

    • jim says:

      and here's a few more for us stat boys. even in what don terms "a bigger bust than carl crawford", since the all star break evan is tied for lead the AL in homeruns, and is in 4th in RBI's.

  6. Kevin says:

    Minor correction: Edwar Cabrera and Trevor May have both topped 200 strikeouts this year as well

  7. Dre says:

    i absolutely love that BA said that, because i was thinking to same thing. plus, weren't we also on the unfavorable end of rescheduling this year? i think one was against detroit, if i'm not mistaken. maddon expressed minor discontent with it, but then let it go. in what world do the yankees think that anyone cares that they didn't get their way for once?

  8. Beth says:

    Re: Yankee whiners. For a laugh, you can look at the reader comments in the NY Times Bats blog entry that discusses this -- apparently Yankees are always on the wrong end of such decisions because all around MLB there's a conspiracy to hurt the Yankees.

  9. Gus says:

    There is nothing to think that Jennings doesn't have 30+ HR power potential. Kid is still in the power build arc of his carreer, and he is all muscle. He is not Joey Gathright here.

    Toughest decision for a power-starved franchise like this is what to do when Jennings is (a) your long desired lead-off hitter and (b) maybe your 2nd or 3rd most powerful bat. I think you leave him be and watch him do his Rickey Henderson impression (comparing him to Bo Jackson a few weeks ago undersold the kid; he is a more disciplined and professional hitter than Bo).

    Can he beat out Hellickson for Rookie of the Year? if the Rays make the playoffs somehow, I'd have to think so.

    Good work Price, by the way. Yesterday's start was awesome.

    • Sarah says:

      To me, you choose your lead off hitter because he'd the guy most likely to make something happen. Jennings is that guy. If one of the things he can make happen is a homerun, then that's great.

      What's really remarkable with him is how there is no such thing as a routine ground ball when he is hitting. If he hits it a little deep to the left side of the infield, you know he's got at least a 50% chance of beating it out.

      • Gus says:

        I agree, but one more: after years of watching Carl hopelessly pull breaking pitches on the outer half to the 2b, it is a joy to watch any Rays hitter go opposite field with that pitch.

        Kid is already so much more polished as a batter than virtually anybody else on the team. His at bats are never wasted. He has struck out some, and ideally you'd like a way to put it in play more with 2 strikes. But otherwise, he is a real lead-off hitter after 13 seasons in the wilderness. It is a thing to treasure.

        • Beth says:

          Honestly, I had forgotten what a lead off hitter was supposed to do. After years as a Rays fan I had started to think that anyone who just avoided striking out more than Kelly Shoppach was a candidate. Watching him gives me the same sense I had when the Rays got Soriano last year, and I realized -- Oh, THAT's what a closer looks like.

          I know he (Desmond) will not always hit .350, revert to the mean, blah blah, but when a guy can take a few walks and beat out a bunt, he's going to be able to help the team somehow even when he slumps.

  10. Ken says:

    The Rays still have 7 games with NYY not 6 games. They have 2 makeup games (from 7/8 & 8/14) that will be played between 9/20-9/22. Price threw more FB's than normal because he and Jaso noticed how much his FB moved in the very windy conditions.


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