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The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

THE GOOD: Johnny Terrific. He just missed his 7th career grand slam in the 7th, but was still given credit for a 3-run double after a review, to give the Rays a 7-5 lead. And then leading off the 9th, Damon made sure there was no doubt, hitting the first pitch he saw for a trot-off home run…Flash. Desmond Jennings now has 13 steals in 27 games since being promoted. That would be 78 over 162 games. Jose Reyes, who stole 78 in 2007, is the only player in the last 20 years with more than 75.

THE BAD: James the Lesser. James Shields got knocked around pretty good yesterday, giving up 12 hits and 7 runs in 7.1 innings, including 2 home runs. The big blow was a game-tying 2-run home run in the 8th inning. Strangely, Shields had the good changeup, with 21 of the 29 changeups going for strikes, including 8 swinging strikes. But the book on Wily Mo Pena was curveballs. And while Shields struck out Pena on four straight curves in the 6th, when Pena saw his 9th curveball of the day in the 8th, he finally caught up to it for a home run…Beasts of the East. The Rays are playing about as well as can be expected right now, going 4-1 this week. But in the last 7 days, they have only made up one game in the Wild Card. And with the Rays still trailing the Red Sox by 7.5 games there are only 5+ weeks left.

THE TELLING: The Rays now have 8 series sweeps this season, with 3 at home…Jose Lobaton could resume playing in a week, and Justin Ruggiano is close to starting a rehab assignment with the Durham Bulls.


  • If you missed it last night, Joe Maddon did his postgame presser in a football helmet. Also, Gordon Wittenmyer believes Andrew Friedman will be at the top of the Cubs’ GM wishlist.
  • Buster Olney adds that Andrew Friedman will be facing a tough decision this winter on whether or not he should stay with the Rays. [ESPN Insider]
  • Rays consigliere Ken Rosenthal feels Stuart Sternberg will allow Andrew Friedman to be interviewed by the Cubs. Of course, considering Friedman is not under contract, we are not sure how Sternberg could block an interview. [Fox Sports]
  • Joe Maddon has switched up the Rays routine at home and is allowing his players to show up at the park later. []
  • Last week we saw that there is little correlation between market-size and payroll. This week we see there is even less correlation between market-size and winning. [Business Insider]
  • Is Johnny Damon clutch? John Romano makes a case that he is. []
  • Here is a pic of David Price’s dog Astro at The Trop yesterday. [Rays Report]
  • If you missed Shaun King’s on-air criticism of Geraldini McCoy, Joe Bucs Fan has the highlights. [Joe Bucs Fan]


  • DURHAM 4, Norfolk 3 (10): SS Tim Beckham’s 10th inning RBI single proved to be the game-winner. He finished 2-6 and stole a base…CF Brandon Guyerwas 3-5 with a triple. He is 14-34 with 5 extra-base hits in 9 games since coming off the DL.
  • Mississippi 5, MONTGOMERY 4 (10): Jim Paduch allowed 2 runs on 4 hits and 3 walks in 7 innings. He struck out 5…SS Hak-Ju Leewent 2-5 with a triple…2B Shawn O’Malleywas 3-5 with his first home run of the year.
  • Fort Myers @ CHARLOTTE: Double-header suspended in the 7th inning of game 1 with the game tied 1-1. Kyle Lobstein tossed 6 innings, striking out 8, walking 1 and giving up just 1 run on 7 hits… SS Matt Hall went 2-2 with a double and a home run.
  • BOWLING GREEN 5, Great Lakes 2: Eli Suero gave up 2 runs in 6 innings…SS Derek Dietrich went 0-3 with a walk.
  • Vermont 8, HUDSON VALLEY 3: 1B Jeff Malm was 0-2 with a pair of walks.
  • Bristol 4, PRINCETON 3: 2B Ryan Brett went 3-5. He is 11-23 in the last 5 games.




  1. While the Rays have only made up one game on the Wild Card, they have made up a couple of games on the Red Sox. This week could be key w/ Rays facing Detroit and Boston in their Texas house of horrors.

    Rays need to beat Detroit and keep the pressure on the Red Sox. Those guys would like nothing more than to cruise control to September. As long as the Rays keep winning, Red Sox can't let up off the gas. Something may give. Is it improbable? Yes. Is it impossible? No. And just think how awesome it would be to see the Rays run the Red Sox right out of the playoffs.

    • LoLJFH says:

      The Red Sux certainly have a few injuries right now that are helping us to some degree, so now is definitely the time before they get "healthy" in about 10 days and get Youklis and Papi back. With them at Texas the next 4 this could be ideal time for us to make up another game or two if we take care of our own business. Better do it the next few days because A's and Yankees go to Beantown and Sux pretty much have their way with both of them.

      Finally, BJ, when running the bases PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pay attention to Foley regardless what you think! When he stopped at 2nd on Joyce's standup double and didn't know where the ball was and Foley was waving him around frantically and Joyce was already standing on second is horrific (but typical!). His problem is he thinks he knows better than anyone else. Put your head down, focus on base coach, and go! I know in the long run it does not matter because we still won, but seriously BJ, PAY (expletive) ATTENTION! (I can, in fact, hear the slow, methodical beating of the dead horse in the background...)

  2. phil says:

    Noticed Guyer is hot in AAA time to call him up? Also Beckham is hitting in AAA ETA Mid 2012?

    • LoLJFH says:

      Nowhere to put him now with DJ playing so well, Rugg almost back, Fuld barely getting any play. He'll come up in Sept by default, but he needs to play. He may have a spot next season, hopefully in CF or LF with DJ and Joyce. I would love to see Beckham up here to platoon with S-Rod next year. I doubt Bbrignac gets a true chance and may even get traded for picks in the offseason. He's hopeless with that swing. If he had power, he would remind me of the old Brave Brad Komminsk.

      • Cory says:

        There's no way in hell this organization platoons Beckham. He has too much money spent on him to start him out as a platoon.

  3. Amanda says:

    Cork, back to the ol' "giving someone the business" when he hits a walkoff shot. After Damon survived the pile at home, he walked out of there with his shirt half untucked and his belt undone. (He also had a nice leap to high-five Niemann.) The interesting thing is that you asked last week where did this come from, and I think I've found an answer. I watched the Best of Intentional Talk yesterday morning, and it looks like the Dodgers started this trend earlier this year. And after watching the Plays of the Week on MLB TV last night, there are a couple more teams that are doing it. It's mostly giving a guy a few shots to the midsection, but the Rays seem to be alone in trying to disrobe someone as part of "the business."

    • Cork Gaines says:

      this would make sense. Remember, for a several years, the cool thing to do was smack the guy on the helmet. I wouldn't be surprised if a few players left those piles with "stingers" in their necks, something teams would certainly want to avoid. So it might be that the head-smacking was outlawed by teams and teams are just looking for new ways to celebrate.

      • Amanda says:

        Oh yeah ... and I could imagine there may have been a few bruised hands, too. I think this one grew out of the jumping in unison, because yesterday's celebration looked like they were just doing the jumping, until Captain Caveman came out of it looking like he had been worked over. (Oh, and if I had to call it, it looks like it may have been J.P. Howell working on the belt this time. B.J. was on the outside and didn't have access. lol)

        • Rg says:

          I emailed you this link last week Cork. Topper at the SPT got the explanation from Sam Fuld about the belt thing.

  4. werD says:

    I think Fuld knows his yr in MLB is coming to a close. wonder if he'll go play AAA somewhere, or just try to get into coaching? Maybe if BJ goes, that frees up a spot for Rugg/ Guyer AND Flash, but I just cant see the Rays keeping Sammy, and not sure there are many other teams looking.

    • jim says:

      "I think Fuld knows his yr in MLB is coming to a close. wonder if he’ll go play AAA somewhere, or just try to get into coaching? "

      couldn't disagree more. he's average isn't horrid around .250 and when you factor in his glove and his salary, he's got a future here or many other places.

    • Alex says:

      What are you talking about? Sam Fuld is the perfect 4th outfielder/pinch hitter/pinch runner. Getting rid of him would be asinine. He's a lot more valuable then you are making him out to be

  5. The Bucs and the Rays should be enemies struggling for the limited disposable income of the Tampa Bay sport's fans. Instead, they are cross marketing, promoting mediocrity and 3rd place finishes as the standard. Why pay better players and free agents to make your teams exciting and desirable for the fans when you can dupe Raheem or Merlot Joe to advertise for free?

    I wonder why their agents aren't screaming for their clients and their agencies to be paid for endorsing a product? Are they so afraid of losing their tenuous grip on a well paid job in an uncertain economy that they're willing to moonlight for nothing?

    I find it curious that compliance agents will roam the sidelines to fine players for not tucking in their jerseys, taping over approved logos, or wearing the wrong shoe will blatantly allow cross contamination between professional football and baseball.

  6. Don says:

    Can the old man....Johnny Damon...carry the kids to the playoffs..and if he does.. will the Rays pay him $5mil to be a DH next year? Doubtful...

  7. Connie says:

    Are Flash's 78 steals over 162 games in the majors?

    • DRR says:

      That is a projection of what his numbers would be if he played this rate over the course of 162 games.

  8. Alex says:

    What is it about the Mariners that causes Jamie to suck? Are they so bad that he just doesn't care? I've never seen a dominate pitcher get b*tch slapped so many times by the worst offense in baseball


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