Even we need an off-day every once and while. So today the shop will be closed. If there are any topics you guys want to discuss, have at it in the comments. We might see you tomorrow, or Wednesday. We’ll see.





  1. Don says:

    no RAYS baseball...so Tompkin (st pete times) tries to convince the public that Shoppach is an underrated catcher...
    HOW about this Tompkin..."HE SUCKS"...thats overrated
    ALSo for you trop haters, why don't you read in Sunday's times what a YANKEE fan, who has gone to ball parks in the East all her life, how she feels about the Trop..... section E page 1....go figure...

    • LoLJFH says:

      Don, I thought the same thing myself: we were reading about "how good Shoppach was". I almost threw up. All of that wasted fishwrap for a guy that has played in 67 of 119 games, with 54 starts and 38 complete games. Plus he has rarely played since Jaso went down and we brought up everyone else. I am sure he had to write about something. Although I will say his 47% CS percentage is impressive.
      Then I noticed the phrase "his $3.2 million dollar club option probably will not be picked up in 2012" and all seemed right in the world.
      I have met him a couple times and he is a great guy, wish he was a better hitter, but we need production and defense especially when lower 3rd of order has been so bad this year (but improving with Chrinos and Rodriguez in play).

    • Rg says:

      Here ya go Don,


    • bbmern says:

      LOL! And one thing is for sure...we NEVER get rained out!!!

  2. Ro says:

    Enjoy some much deserved time off. There will always be plenty to discuss on "on" days.

  3. Rg says:

    Got to give Topper credit though. He did solve the mystery of the belt.


  4. The L.A. Times voted us the worst fans in baseball. What Bull****.

  5. Dave says:

    I'm glad nothing is happening tonight..you know, like a draft signing deadline or something that fans may be interested in hearing anything about. Nah, not much to say I guess.

  6. Don says:

    Is that the LA where their fans beat oposing team fans into a lifetime coma....I'll take ST. petersburg..fans and all.. before I would ever go to the Slum of the West..beautiful LA...hoods and all...


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