It’s like one of those Christmas in August sales you see once in a while from cheesy car dealers. Surely this Rays outburst of 24 runs in three days — at home no less — is nothing more than a way to suck fans in to buy beer and popcorn and pad Stu Sternberg’s wallet.

Can it be real?

As Joe wrote yesterday, way too many have written the Rays off way too early. Of course, the Rays are probably just teasing. But there’s a good chance the lowly A’s and Royals don’t have enough to beat the good guys at all over the next six games at the Trop.

Then what?

Joe was most pleased to see Johnny Damon snap out of his long funk. You’d think he has one more good contract run in him. 

And it never gets old watching a catcher who isn’t an automatic out. Hats off to Jeff Niemann for his sixth strong outing in a row.




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